I can't even live in my own home anymore

I've been living with Satan incarnate *cough* I mean my step dad sinvce I was 5 b***** years old , its simply h*** for me now at 17 , this fucknut decides that as soon he was married to my mom , he thinks he's gods gift to mankind , the arrogant f*** can kiss my ass for all I care , before , he would make Bullshit excuses to take away my stuff I saved up for but as of now the f****** has ran out of bullshit excuses and has targeted my own body image for his gains , he has my Computer I SAVED up for half of 2015 ( costing over £500) but no , the Jewish c*** decides that if I don't go by his crappy ass rules , he's hoping to sell it , not even my mother cares about me when jewfuck decides to s*** on me , its f****** h*** on earth , I wished I lived my actual dad who treats me like an ACTUAL human and not a ragdoll.

Is there a way to kill the c***?



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  • "waa boo hoo i hate my stepdaddy for no real reason" post #43,806. Yawn...

  • Why can't you live with your dad?

  • Yes, kill him with kindness and look forward to moving out away from him forever.

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