Sort of backed into the lesbian thing

I was in Amsterdam and waiting by the front desk were two young women speaking an Eastern European language, the front desk clerk said they were Romanian, and they were there waiting to go up to their clients' room. We laughed, and he said that it was quite common for men to ask for two women. No judgement of any kind, I guess at the front desk you see it all.

Well back in Boston I'm talking to a new girl who came to work for us, she's from the West Coast and she's a bit too Cali for my taste and the conversation turns to picking up men. I don't know why I told her about that experience in Amsterdam and she asked me if I had ever tried it, tag teaming with another girl and having fun with a guy? I said no, not really. Not my thing.

But she insisted and we went out the following night to follow the bar scenes drinking and we came upon a tourist man, in his forties, and we struck up a conversation. She was very adept and picking up men, and she laid it on thick and told him we never went alone, and if he was in the mood for it, we would give him a night to remember.

Being in a room with a stranger is always weird in and of itself. Being in a room with a naked stranger and watching another girl give him head, is weirder still. When she offered me his d***, I hesitated but I was there so I gave him head and she played with t*** and kissed me all over, going down on me from below, me straddling her face while she did her best to eat me holding onto my thighs.

What happened next is what I am here to tell, we forgot completely of the man and we got to making love while he watched. He jerked off to us, and I went down on her, my fist time, and I let her go down on me, my first time. By the time we were done and ready to leave he was on his back with his wet limp d*** and we got dressed and went back to my room to finish the night.

I won't say that was our last experience, not for the two of us, we never did try again to pick up a man, that is a waste of time. It's enough for us to get together and we are still learning all about what makes us c**. And we do, and unlike a Mr. we can c** several times, and sometimes it's the Big O.

21 days

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