i'm a guy and about 11 or 12 years ago in my early 20's i met a lady in her late 30's on geocities chat (before yahoo bought them). she was married to an openly bi man. i met them later that evening. my wife was over 4 hours away at school.
once at their house, i went down on the husband while the wife watched. after about 10 min i motioned for her to come over and she did. we both continued to suck and kiss and suck and kiss. soon, i turned over and let both of them go down on me. after a while , while i was kissing the wife, and the guy was sucking me, i felt it coming. as i came all over myself and in his mouth and on his face, i was kissing his wife in the most lustful of ways. it was one of the best o****** i'd ever had to this day. after i cleaned up a little, i watched him f*** his wife doggies style.
i miss chat rooms before they were taken over by bots.
these days i'm in s** addicts anonymous. go figure.
just so you know this story is not fake, they were not the most attractice couple, but fun and nice...and very sexual of course. she was a chub and he was a little heavy too. if i recall, he was a fireman.

i wish i saw them again.

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