Now that I've met her I want to get married and have kids

I went to a wedding (32 and an officer in the Air Force and a closet lesbian) and I sat at a table with a couple from out of town who were staying in the hotel where the reception took place. All night the husband had his hands on me and he looked me up one side and down the other, sizing me up, and telling my wife what a 'fine' specimen I was. She approached me in the 'ladies' room and asked me if I wanted to spend the night with them, her husband 'wanted' me and she thought I was worth a try (her and me).

We talked like two schoolgirl friends, talking about me giving s** to her husband in return for her having s** with me. I was her 'type' she told me, she liked athletic girls with slender forms and fistful size t***. She promised she was a good oral partner and was sure she could get me off, if her husband didn't manage to do that.

She was the girl next door, not slim, not fat, not tall, not short, not pretty, not ugly, middle of the road housewife type. But she had this hot streak, the way she looked at me and what she promised to do. She also whispered, that she was married, but her inclination was always with women, not men.

I agreed, sort of. The s** with him was what you expect. All about him, he used me, that's exactly how I felt. The s** with her was mind blowing, she did get me over the hump, the o****** were real and she was all over, on top. I woke up with her, he was sleeping on the other bed and she and I had a morning cuddle and I ate her with all my heart. I gave her an o***** and we went down for breakfast.

Six months later she invited me to join them for a trip to Cabo. I got leave and joined them in LA for the flight down. She told me he was going to hunt up some Mexican girls and that left us alone to have fun. We did. All the four days we were there. It wasn't only the s**, it was everything about her. I had a hard time admitting to myself that I had fallen hard for her, and when she said she felt I was her girlfriend, I immediately agreed.

They live in Norther California, close to the Oregon border and I resigned my commission and now live up there with her. Her husband has a job, we don't, he pays the rent and provides a car and we cook for him and do his laundry. He has a Mexican girlfriend, not marriage material, but fun in bed and she's nice and she is curious about us.

One day, I hope, she will look at me and ask me to marry her, divorce her husband and put me on her marriage license. I want to get married, and if I do, I will allow him to get me pg and I will have a kid or two. She wants kids, we have talked about it, but out of me, not her.

25 days

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  • Hmm yeah, all the military lesbians I've seen are basically men so, highly unlikely you're remotely attractive

  • That’s such an amazing story. Nothing better than two lovers who have all day to love and a man to provide.

    Your so lucky.

  • It's gross.

  • It’s not gross. Nothing more satisfying than the kiss and caress of another woman.

    But having that and a man is heaven on earth

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