Why did my girlfriend laughed when I got punched?

So i'm in a quite committed relationship with this one girl of 6 months now. we're in same classroom and everything pretty good till now But there is one guy in our class who's ** and always try to hit me. Not in a bad way like he doesn't want to like fight or something. we're even friends tho at least he thinks that. so I don't know why but he's little immature and always hitting someone casually so since he became my friend. he started hitting me casually... sometimes he'll slap me sometime he'll punch my back and he does that very hard and it makes class laugh including my girlfriend yesterday we were all standing in queue for the bus and i was talking with my girlfriend and he joins us and we all 3 started talking and then suddenly he punched my stomach with quite good force and it made huge sound and my girlfriend seeing me get punched hard started laughing and tbh i was breathless because of that punch so i gasped a little and she laughed even harder and then said " awww, are you okay? " that was a taunt rather than a concern. What tf is happening?

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  • Punch him back and then rap e her.

  • Are you afraid of the guy? He is not a friend if he is hitting you. Punch him back. Maybe your girlfriend might be seeing him behind your back who knows

  • Break up with her. If she's laughing at you whenever you get hit, then she's not concerned at all. She finds you being in pain to be funny. That's not the kind of girl you should be in a relationship with. You want to be with a girl who is genuinely concerned about your well-being. Not with a girl who finds humor in your pain.

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