Almost caught

It was years ago, I was still a teenage boy around 17 years old. We were traveling going back to Utah to visit my very old grandma. Well after traveling so far, exactly 800 miles to be exact, and as the long trip took over twelve hours to get there, so after the very long exhausting trip, we checked into a Motel 8 in Green River, there in the motel room was only one bed but it had a King size bed.

After washing up and changing our of our dusty wrinkled clothes ..then after having a quick bite at he local dinner or should I say "dive !" We then returned to the room and after glancing at the tv for a time we deccided to go bed, This time I would have to share a bed not with my brother or friend but with non other then my mom, which was kind of strange.

Next day it was very early around 4:30 a.m. You could see the river. I was having my ( "morning wood" ) my c-ck was hard, it was hard as a board and needed attention badly., so I turned away from my mom facing toward the wall and door, I then opened the slit in my under-wear pulling my hard c-ck out and began to stroke, slow at first then a bit faster and faster rubbing the head of mushroom shaped c-ck. my finger rubbing over the pee slit thenall over the tip of my p**** head. D-mn it was feeling so d-mn good. I was pumping more and more, stroking my d***, feeling the "c**" build up inside me ,
I was too far away to walk to the bathroom and m*********, so I grabbed some sheets from the bed wrapping them partly around myself, then I sat up on the edge of the bed now naked as my under-wear were off . Since I was facing the wall with the window and door of the room, I got up and walked to the door. Then upon hearing foot steps , I opened the door and there was the mexican maid pushing her supply cart. I then proceeded to her asking for some items, I really did not need them but it was a excuse to walk to her and talk a bit, all the time standing there wrapped around with sheets and a bed comforter, under neath I was totally "Naked" and my "c-ck" was ragginbg hard !
I then slowly partly opened the sheets that were wrapped around my "Nude" body and gave the young mexican maid a good look at my 5 inch "hard-on. " Pre-C**" dripping, oozing out of the tip of my hard "C-ck"

She said nothing but smiled with a big grin starring at my C-ck. I then went back in and sat on te bed still with sheets and a comforter wrapped around myself.
Now I could not hold it back any longer and as I sat on the edge of the bed that I was sharring with my mom, while I was stroking and stroking pumping and pumping my Hard d***, then all of the sudden my "C-ck " erupted lke a volcano as I shoot some long ropes of my "C**" landing all over the carpeted floor and wall, As some of my precious "C**" landed on the sheets even on me.

Even to this day I dot not know if my mom ever saw me "Naked ?" If so she never said a word.

16 days

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