My wife agreed to it

My wife mykal is a gorgeous five foot three mom bod half Hawaiian half half white. Very pale white skin curly jet black hair with some silver in it. Beautiful younger looking exotic face with beautiful eyes and sexy D*** sucking lips.
She is a little chubby weighing between 140-150. Great hips and shapely curvy body. Thick butt sexy legs cup size is 42DD.
We had talked over the years even roleplay out my cuckold fantasy. Talked out and set the rules of any extra we would every do.
Three months ago we started talking over actually living out my fetish. We both found a guy who is around our age 33 in r4bbc. Six foot tall in great shape muscular former us army paratrooper. Well kept handsome a few tattoos not dar skin but not light skin. I'm straight and I will admit he is a very handsome man named Serain.
But in photos shared he sent me a d*** pic by mistake. With a ruler under his hard d*** it was 11&1/2 inches under the ruler was a bottle of suave shampoo barley thicker then he was.
I felt conflicted as my wife begged me not to find her a huge monster just average or around my seven inches.
By this time they had been talking Serain and my wife mykal for a month and a half. I had advised Serain not to send that pic as it would freak her out.
Over that month and a half they talked several times a day on one of her three days off they would text or video chat.
It was three months in of chatting texting that we decided to meet he was okay with us going down to Colorado springs from Denver welling to host.
He has a very nice duplex with the neighboring home empty. Two very large and nice dogs.
We had a few drinks played cards against humanity smoked some bud. Playing music and laughing through the night into the early hours of one in the morning.
There was a lot of flirting dirty innuendos being tossed between the two.
After the end of a full game they got close sitting on the couch together.
Complimenting her body she tells him about being half Hawaiian and how she got the hair lips hips ass and t***.
Wearing a little dress she picked out and I knew some lingerie under she did look amazing.
He responded to her hair lips hips ass and t*** with a crack about holding her by the hips pulling her hair using her lips and sucking on her t***.
This is the leading into deep looks sexually explicit language from Serain this led to very sensual deeply romantic kissing and very seductive foreplay. I had given him cheat sheets on how to kiss up her neck. Gave him a map to her most sensitive spot and how to exploit them.
She looked ravishing and now was opening up and her body motions showed it they moved sixtynine and last until she had c** several times and finally she swallowed his c**.
Sticking to her hardline rule on condoms not being on birth control. I watched every position you could think of for several hours of them having s**.
Several months of bimonthly hook ups at our house or his. Seven meet ups down the line we did not use condoms. She said it felt twice as good
He came on her several times and in her mouth twice.
During a chat we had texting he asked me how I would feel if he came inside of her
Then he explained his ultimate fantasy was to impregnate a marriage woman.
I told him I'm okay with him c****** in her I find it hot but it is up to her
Visit number nine I gave him the okay to creampie my wife l. Wearing lingerie the same sensual a seductive foreplay.
His eleven almost twelve inch d*** making her legs shake and Trimble feet ball up toes curling back arching somewhere between making love and having s**. Mykal p**** gripping his huge c*** fully in the middle of an organism he started groaning and grunting. His hips took a deeper long stroke thrust. I watched her legs open and her moans were more frantic and passionate.
They kissed deeply and his hands were all over her body.
There were seven more creampies and there were several my wife told me that is the night she got addicted to breeding fantasy BBC and cuckolding

9 days

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  • Cuckolding stories are very exciting and I like it when the lover insists that the husband has to do as he is told and then the husband has to be their servant and wait outside the bedroom door while they make love ready to come when called to serve them

  • Yeah I like to share my wife I'm not a b**** for sure not am I at a G******* person becketing call

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