The real reason I quit my job

I quit my job recently. I was late to work and didn't have time for anything except speeding to work. On the last 25 minutes of the drive I slowly became aware that I urgently needed to pee and when I finally got to work it was so busy there wasn't time for a break.

I was dancing in place and I couldn't take it and ran into the bathroom and slowly leaking in my ** when finally it happened. I lost control and completely peed. My ** were soaking and I was mortified. I told my manager I was going home and she was astounded and I had to tell her I had an accident. I said sorry so many times and just never showed up for work again.

My friends and family don't know why I quit and I'm terrified my coworkers are gossiping about how I ** my pants. ** myself was the worst to happen to me or my self esteem. I put together an outfit and did cute makeup to go out the other night and all I could think was wow ** girl try not to get too drunk.

The shame is unbearable

Sep 19

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