Leggings at school

This girl at school, had only leggings on the bottom half of her and they were totally see through. I could see her perfect little bum, along with her blue panties which were pulled right up. Then in the next class, the leggings girl and her friend who has massive, and i mean huge t***, work across the table from me, and i needed help with the work so I asked the big t*** girl to help me, so she leaned across the desk just so I could see her amazing b****. Then I "dropped" my pen as she was passing my chair, so she bent down right in front of and I once again saw her little blue panties. 10 minutes later the final school bell rung and I ran home to m********* over the two girls. I've never came so much in my life.

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  • Ignore those other nimrods (below) and start working on the leggings girl. The other one is probably too much woman, and she's likely dating guys out of your age-range and who can buy her expensive things and take care of her: it's even possible that the b****** are the product of implants that one of her older boyfriends bought for her without her parents knowing who paid. But the leggings girl sounds like someone you could connect with and have a long (and nasty) relationship with. And she is certainly advertising her wares nicely enough. You need to get to work on her and be around her -- in and out of school -- as often as you possibly can. Even if she doesn't open her legs for you, she may have another friend for you, or knowing her may lead you to somebody else, maybe someone even nastier than she is. GET TO WORK!

  • Soon c*** will exploded inside that young hookers mouth.

  • she is not a h*****! she is a nice lady!

  • 3d2n

  • This is completely fabricated...I don't believe one word of this tall tale. This little perv probably thinks about this boring fantasy while he is jerking off to help him c**, but by no means has this scenario been brought to real life.

  • Clearly, you've never seen a really HOT girl.

  • I would let you c** in my face. And trust me, you would love my t*** and ass. Turns me on.

  • Can I suck your t*** and ass, too? I want to eat every part of you from mouth to toes and t*** to c***!

  • You sound like a nasty, h**** young guy. I like that.

  • So whats ure name sexy the one with nice t*** and ass

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