I want to get my loving GF hooked on a BLACK MAN.

I absolutely love the feeling of seeing women being absolutely entranced by a MAN.
A MAN who knows just what to do and what to say to make the woman giggle in secret arousal. A MAN who pushes just the right buttons, at just the right time, to bring out that deep inner desire of l*** that all women try to keep hidden. A MAN whose appearance, eyes, voice are so STRONG, that it penetrates right through the woman's body making it vibrate in excitement, swiftly blowing away any thoughts.
Most importantly, I love it when a MAN can then get the girl to be completely addicted to him, that she would do things she would never do with her husband. She will become his s** toy and she will LOVE it and ENJOY it and CRAVE it.
Athletic black men with d**** that penetrate to her core (physical core and mental primal-core) fit the description perfectly! I know a LOT about women that get addicted to black MEN without being able to resist and that is the single most arousing thing for me. (I am a white male btw, I just enjoy irresistible female l*** sooo much. I think it's because socially they are the ones who are always 'sexually in control'.)
I know for a fact that EVERY woman has that craving in her, when she meets the right MAN. I have a GF of 2.5 years now. We are not planning on marrying yet, but we have an absolutely wonderful and loving relationship. She doesn't seem like the girl that would cheat, but none of them seem that way (we know otherwise). I am really craving to get her to 'accidentally' meet a black guy that I know will plant a seed of l*** into her, that will slowly but surely lower her resistant until she will end up begging for it.
Most likely our 'weekly personal trainer', but I'm still working on the setup. Especially after she hangs with his friends and hears his female friend's stories, I believe it will only be a matter of time before she will obey all his commands on a whim! (or who knows, maybe she is one of those rare girls who can resist. Which I'll be cool with too of course)
SO FOR THE QUESTION! Has anyone ever tried this before? He doesn't have to be black, but have you tried setting your girl up with a very handsome alpha-male who you know your girl wouldn't be able to resist? Or if you are a GF/wife who didn't want to cheat, but slowly succumbed to her desires, then please share your story too!
What are your thoughts? Outcomes? Have you given him guidelines on how to turn her on? Are there any warnings (like did she leave you for him or did she find out you set her up, or did you have any negative emotions that you didn't expect)?
This is a REAL confession that I actually WANT to experiment with. So I welcome as much information as I can get! (of your approach, and the woman's reaction)Did anything unexpected happen? I want some experiences to have a feel for what to expect.
PS: I really do appreciate the creativity that goes into some of the fiction posts around here. Just please let me know if it is a fiction, because I really must get a feel for how this is going to play out in real world. I will definitely take inspiration from your fictional story, I promise! (and maybe even act it out too)

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  • Aaaaa yes my hubby set me up with a very dominate alpha male black from work with a 14 thick c*** and before I knew it I was letting him have his way with me and I was taking most of his c*** to start with but before he was thru with me I was taking it all and he would c** deep into my p**** over and over again.
    Since the first time he now comes over during the day when my hubby is at work for they have different shifts and I am sure they talk for when my hubby gets home he asks if I had a good time today.
    Today he was talking about bring as friend with him sometime and after he c** in me he asked if I would like that and I told him only if he's as big as you and he f***** me again for almost half a hour as he c** min me again.

  • I have f***** men from pretty much every continent and love black duck and fingers in my wet p****. I had a years affairs with a man that late was arrested for being the states top coke dealer. I do not use drugs. All i know he is and hoooked up once and he hot the hots for me for years. Try as i might to date and marry others in between, if his d*** showed up hard for me i dropped my panties for his d***. He intentionally got me pregger. hoping i would keep it. No. sorry. fingers his c*** while in me so the condom fell inside me. i did not want anymore kids but was so turned on by his things impregnanting me. f or the month i had to wait for the abortion ppk thought i had a b*** job. My t*** got so big.afterwards he came around to suck my milk.

  • Your a closet h***,

  • I dont think he is...i think its just an unusual fettish... i dont have any advice for him...but a large amount of people have unusual fettishes....i see nothing wrong as long as no one gets hurt

  • That's correct (fetish part). It's kinda like being a 'cuckold', where a man enjoys watching his wife being taken by a much more well endowed (usually black) man. However, I enjoy the part of a woman being irresistibly sexually attracted to a man who knows how to work it, even though she might consciously be trying to resist (because she has a husband). I will of course make sure that I tell her many times in advance that I have no problem with cheating as long as she'll tell me (to avoid her stressing later), because it's natural and we all do it from time to time. Some of the confessions I read are extremely hot (check out "Black guy in my gym" for example... that reaction is exactly what I seek ;) )

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