That was love...

My first wife did something for me once that could have only been pure love. We had only been married six months when I did something stupid. I stole $500 out of the petty cash account at work. It only took the boss a few days to figure it out. But he did something I didn't expect. He black mailed me. He offered to put it in writing that the money was a salary advance and had been paid back if he could have s** with my wife. My young, 22 year old wife. I said no and when I came clean with her she insisted she would do it as long as I was there to make sure she wasn't hurt.
We showed up at the hotel as he demanded. He made my wife strip down naked in front of him as he held the held the letter. When he saw she was really doing this he handed me the letter and instructed me to sit in the chair and not get up until they were finished.
When he stripped down I was relieved, he wasn't huge but above average. They got on the bed and he took his time with foreplay. Finally he began to f*** her. He had her face down on the bed when she started to squirm and say "no I don't do that". I knew he was trying to f*** her ass. A*** s** was her only real limit. I started to get up when she looked at me and said "no it's ok". She squirmed, even screamed as tears rolled down he face. He f***** her in the ass hard until he finished. When he got off her she just laid there. He dressed and left.
He got fired for sexual harassment later. Our relationship was never the same. We divorced a year later.

Sep 27

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  • What a complete piece of human shít you are! The person who wrote “you signed the divorce decree the day you pimped out your wife to save yourself from a misdemeanor arrest!” That is EXACTLY what you did! I hope this is total büllshït, like most stories like this, but in the event you actually did whorė out your “young” wife, I hope she finds a man who will love and cherish her for the rest of her life, while I hope you are plagued with one failed miserable relationship after another. I hope you NEVER find a woman who truly loves you like she did ever again. I also hope you live to be over 100yrs of age, so you can contemplate exactly how you destroyed the love of your life, just to save your own miserable äss from a possible 6mos probation! Especially these days when prosecutors are dropping the charges on as much as 95% of non-violent white-collar crimes

  • More tripe from that garbage dump of a brain of yours.
    Why do you pedophiles always project your own grisly attitudes and actions onto others?

    Consider suicide for the sake of society.

  • You signed the divorce decree when you pimped out your bride for a misdemeanor offense, you committed. I hope she took you to the cleaners. No, she has too much honor and integrity. Attributes you clearly lack.
    I hope you live for 200 years that you may relive again and again the day you broke the heart of the woman who unfortunately fell for a spineless worm such as you.

  • Go pound sand!

  • You dumb f***...

  • What a pathetic loser.

  • She probably divorced you for him. I bet she loved getting it up the ass

  • Probably more she didn't want to be married to a thief.

  • As much as you do?

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