I am a loser

I am in my early 40's and barely make 40k a year. I have no wife or gf and no friends. I am a loser.

Mar 3, 2016

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  • Yes you are a loser, you winging b******. Grow up

  • I'm 29 and still don't have a college degree. I make 24k a year. My gf pays for our rent and most of our bills. I feel like a loser sometimes but I'm still going to school and try my best.

    don't say you're a loser.

    Don't forget, if your standards are the same as the rest of the society when it comes to feeling like a loser then you need to use the same standards to be what you wanna be.

    If not having a gf means you're a loser in the society you live in then see how others in the same society find gfs.

    Workout. Work on your manners. Go to school. etc.

  • I met a 24 yr old boy last week at a laundromat who was homeless, had no car, hadn't eaten in days; and literally has no family. He is truly alone in the world. I bet he'd love to trade places with you

  • First step - stop saying you are a loser, because you're not. If you wanted a gf, you could get one..but you have to put yourself out there. Same with friends. It will take some effort on your part, but you can turn this around. It's not going to be easy, but if you really want things to be different in your life you have to begin to think positively. Your job. Update your resume and begin to network. Start taking classes to update or improve your skills and start looking for something else. Finding friends.. look into meet up groups or even join a running club or something that gets you out and around others with similar interests. You are going to have to make effort here, people are busy. But don't get discouraged and try to be really flexible when making new friends. Sometimes you have to be the one to put forth a little more effort when trying to make new connections with people. If someone isn't interested, that's okay..you don't need them as a friend. And with these outings you go on, you never know if there may be some single girl who you can ask out. Finding a girl - get on some dating sites.

  • If only it were that easy :(

  • You need someone to love - get a pet, maybe a cat. Trust me I've had jobs that paid 80k, and jobs that paid under 20k. The extra money didn't make me happy - having someone to love and s job I love was the key. Not going to lie; being poor sucks yay, but keep looks big. Try to get in with a cable comp, telephone comp, utilities - they pay well. By town jobs also. Good luck!

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