My Dad or my brother have betrayed me by sniffing my **!

I used to just loose undies, but I would always find them again when I next did my laundry. I first realized that either my dad or my brother was stealing my ** when my mom let me buy myself a thong. It was huge to me, as it made me feel so grown-up (I’m 14) and it is beautiful, it’s green satin in the front and back, with matching lace on the sides of the front that goes over my hips. I love it, and mom letting me have it means as soon as I save up, I can buy more. So when it went missing I REALLY missed it. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it! I knew I put it right on top of the hamper, and I remember exactly how it was rolled down, and how it was placed in the hamper. I asked my mom if she took it, like did she change her mind? She just said it’s “likely lost in the wash, but it’ll turn up”! It did, the next day it was EXACTLY where I put it in the hamper! But It wasn’t rolled down anymore, and was in the opposite direction as I had placed it. But that made me hyper-aware of what undies I put in my hamper! I began to notice that most of my undies would go missing overnight. I asked Quora, and I got a LOT of replies about guys sniffing their daughter’s, or their sister’s **. That they’d sniff them and jėrk-off, sometimes cümming in the gusset. I don’t have much experience with guys, but I KNOW that cüm smells like soapy bleach, and gets hard! I checked my thong and thank god there was no cüm on them, but someone definitely took them to sniff while jėrking off! It so grossed me out to think my dad or my brother would not only violate the privacy of my room, but betray me by smelling my most private and intimate scent for their own sick pleasure! I don’t know who did it, but I’ve begged my mom and she ordered UV powder from amazon thats guaranteed undetectable & won’t wash off for 24 hours. So next time I put my thong there, I’ll sprinkle the powder on my thong and when it goes missing, the UV light it comes with, will make the culprit glow like crazy! I have no idea what I will say when I discover who it is any help would be appreciated. I honestly hate to shame them, but I don’t think guys understand just how much of a betrayal this truly is! Plus it is an incredible violation of family trust!
Laura D. Orlando, Florida

Oct 7

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  • My stepdad does the same with my dirty ** every day.
    I have caught him 4 times now. At first I felt sick but now I just can't be bothered by it.
    Only yesterday I came home and found him lying naked on my bed ** and sniffing a pair of my dirty **. Now I just laugh at him and tell him his ** is tiny. ** pervs.

  • So what's the update? Who's the culprit?

  • That's genius (the UV powder)

  • Oh wow, thank you so much! I actually got the idea from a video i saw on Insta. I can’t remember who it was, but it obviously planted the seed of an idea. I totes appreciate you taking the time to write something nice. Your very sweet. 🥰

  • So who is the culprit?

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