Me and my aunt

So my aunt was 49 and I was 16 at the time. My aunt literally wanted me to sleep in her bed with her, she was cheating on my uncle at the time but we were un aware until the divorce but anyways my cousin was not home either. So she basically forced me to sleep in her bed. I'm the type of person that doesnt argue so I just did as she said. Then she went and brushed her teeth, I rolled over to the farthest side of the bed and acted like I was sleeping. She pulled my undies off and was looking at my p****... I was frozen I didn't know what to do. After a minute she pulled them back up, but not totally because I was laying down. Then I just laid and stared at the ceiling in the dark after she turned the lamp off. In all honesty I really didnt know what to do. So I just went to sleep but I woke up to her getting something out of her night stand. I just stayed quiet until she rolled over to me... she pulled my undies down again, put her hand over my mouth, got me oenis erect and put a condom on. She then climed on top of me and rode me until I cummed. I havent been back to her house since and I do not plan to ever go back. I should have told someone about it but I was kinda scared to. But anyways here is my anonymous confession. Please dont think I wanted I this from my aunt, i really didnt. She is just a crazy person.

Oct 29, 2019

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  • It was my birthday my nephew took me out drinking I bought more booze and went back to his house and we started playing the game of Truth or Dare I wanted to go to sleep he waited until I passed out then he woke me up after he took off my clothes then he slide his big d*** into my p**** really roughly made me scream and he asked me for a while then he asked me has I ever had it in the ass before I said no don't do it then he did it in my ass made me scream and cry

  • They're all crazy, the trick is to f*** them sane.

  • Stop being a p**** and go back and use her.

  • That's actually pretty hot

  • My friend used to have s** with his aunt. Nothing wrong with it.

  • My aunt used to invite me to her bed when I was about 15 or so in the pretext that she is afraid of sleeping alone. Gradually I came to love the smell of her body when she drew me closer facing each other. Often I used to bury my face against her ample b**** and one of her legs upon my waist. This led us to sleep in nude and fondling each others genitals and I sucking on her t***. After so many years I think I should have f***** her too but that somehow really did not happen.

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