Spotted in two different places on days when I wasn't there.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work when Barb, a coworker, asked me a question. She said I didn't have to answer if I didn't want to. Barb asked me if I lived near Waterdam Plaza. I said no and told her where I actually lived. She said that it was strange because she somebody who looked exactly like me near Waterdam Plaza. What amazed her the most was that the person she saw was not only my height but, just like me, he had a light green neck gaiter just like the one use when I go to work. Today, while I was at the mall with my mom, I went to **'s in the food court and while I was ordering, the guy who worked there said he saw me at my job last week on Saturday. I told him I wasn't at work Saturday but he insisted it was me by the neck gaiter I wore. I again told him I wasn't at work on Saturday. This is true because on Saturday not only did I not have to work, but my dad drove me and my mom to the mall and after we came back, I stayed inside the rest of the day not going any where. I told the guy that I wasn't at work on Saturday because I'm on my vacation. I got to admit, it does seem a bit disturbing that two different people saw someone

Oct 31

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  • I was six foot three and a half inches tall by my 13th birthday . With broad shoulders and an athletic build . I always stood out . At 14 . I used to arrange to meet my girlfriend near some shops . When i was waiting for her , of her waiting for me . We would often talk to 2 older guys , aged 16 . We knew the sister of one of them . Even when the other one of us arrived . We often stood talking to them for about an hour . This is in England , where things were , and still are safer . Like me , the guy who's sister we knew . Liked to read . So we would talk about books , recomending a new book to each other . One night when we saw them . He told me what had happened the night before . A night when we had not been there . He had seen me , and started to talk to me about a book that i had recomended . He said that i had seemed confused . Then the guy told him that he did not know what he was talking about , and his name was not John . My name . This freind had know me for more than a year . Yet he was convinced that it was me . People where i lived , knew who i was . Even if they did not know me . Because of my size . Everyone seemed to know my name . Even when i was in my late 20s . Our friends had a party at their new house . That they had just bought . Someone stole some jewelery from their bedroom . They found it missing the following day . So they called the Police . The Police asked if they suspected anyone . They did , a guy who they did not know . He had come with one of our friends . They asked for a list of names , for those who were at the party . When they mentioned my name , one of the Police said , oh was it . Then he decribed me . I had and never have had anything to do with the police . Apart from many years later , when we caught Burglers breaking in to our neighbours house .

  • Resubmitting final sentence since most of it disappeared. I got to admit, it does seem a bit disturbing that two different people saw someone who looks just like me.

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