My new bikini

I'm 13 my mom introduce me to thongs 3 years ago. Today me and my mom bought matching string bikinis we're going to wear at the beach. Then only cover our nipples and show off our a****. I can't wait till my chest grows bigger.

Aug 11, 2021

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  • My mom goes with me to nude beaches all the time and I find it feels awesome on my skin. I love being nude and having all of me on display for everyone. I'm so glad my mom showed me this.

  • How old ru .

  • 13 and a half. And I'm a girl btw

  • Why do you feel you have to show everything off at such a young age.

  • I don't see a reason to cover everything up. I like my ass and my p**** I also like my nipples I just wish mt boobies were as bib as my moms. I also like to see other nude. And I like to feel the wind or water on my naked p**** it makes me wet down there and it's nice.

  • Wet well that’s what water dus lol

  • I meant some other type of wet lol.

  • Stop it.

  • Stop what? and why?

  • About getting wet and walking around nude.

  • I can't control when I get whet sometimes I get wet when cuddling or when I think about someone I like or when I see other nude. And why should I stop being nude?? I like how I look nude.

  • You got plenty of time to wet. And cuddle when you get older then you can enjoy more. When ur minds. Mature.

  • I know I will have more fun when I got boobies like my mom and boys be more fun when their d**** get a bit larger. But I can have so much fun now why wait?

  • Well good luck. Just remember no rush for s**

  • Why? S** is fun or getting licked. My mom told me to enjoy my body while I can.

  • Oh well if that’s what you want enjoy it.

  • What's your problem with me enjoying my body?

  • No problem if you was older I’d enjoy it too lol

  • Why would you like to play with my p****? Sorry that my t*** aren't as big as those of my mom's hers are gigantic you'd loved them

  • I want yourpussy and i just love tinytits

  • Your mums would be fine. For me thanks you.

  • I know her t*** are fantastic I love how they feel and can wait till mine are so big as hers.

  • Lol ok gut big t*** sag as you age

  • Their still fun to play and they drive all the boys crazy and I love teasing cute boys their boners are so cute

  • What you mean lol

  • Whatever a girl of ANY age is comfortable wearing is her business.

  • Unless it happens to be something males are into-- then she SUDDENLY needs either reeducation or slutshaming.

  • Yes but letting her wear a thong that age is like pimping her out.

  • Why NOT just let them be pimped out SORT OF? I don't mean actual s** or any of the dark and gritty "drugs and violence" kinda s***-- but some guys don't even REALLY WANT actual s** and are STILL turned on by young girls. Sell (fully clothed) pics and videos, maybe take some limited requests for audio (for instance I like to be basically bullied and laughed at by them), and MAYBE-- AGAIN, ONLY MAYBE-- some sort of system for either handjobs or to be masturbated to in person. Again, she keeps her clothes on for both, and aside from just basically being "a pretty girl being vaguely suggestive" a hand job is as absolutely far as it goes. But they get the attention, the guy gets the release, and somebody somewhere gets paid for the whole thing. I don't actually see a downside to that...

  • What you saying you want a young girl to give you a hand job and talk dirty to you as she dus it.

  • I wouldn't be against it, but I don't necessarily need it to go that far-- we don't even ever need to make contact. Do sort of a POV humiliation vid setup where she isn't naked, she isn't doing or saying anything explicit, and other than maybe a requested outfit or makeup or something there's no real involvement from the recipient-- she's basically on camera, dressed according to request, and just basically being a little brat bully-- calling the viewer a loser, pointing and laughing, saying they bet they could beat the person up-- being a mean, bratty, regular kid-- except that just HAPPENS to be the whole fetish. Just record a healthy, happy, non-abused child doing that-- and they never even have to be involved with anyone who uses it, or make it at all if THEY don't decide they're okay with it. Money is made, nobody is hurt or endangered-- there is NO REASON why that should be a crime. For the record, I'm well aware that if it isn't they'll still find SOMETHING to call it-- I'm saying that it SHOULDN'T be, and that within strict legal bounds CERTAIN activites should be allowed as a way to make money-- just like they do with weed.

  • Yes but they would have to be legal. Saying that I did see a girl on a beach few years ago in a bikini great figure.

  • Yeah right ? And what would you want her to be dressed in. ?

  • Actually, I was just kinda makin' a point about the thong stuff, I actually have a huge denim fetish, personally-- jeans, miniskirts, pinafores-- perfectly ordinary "little girl" play and school clothes. Usually I like to see it with something soft, delicate, and typically girly though-- strap tops, little pink tee shirts, some slight ruffling or frilling around sleeves and collars-- or that furry fuzzy stuff they sometimes wear-- a pink fuzzy vest, and a pleated jean skirt maybe-- skinny jeans and soft furry Ugg boots-- but the fuzzy stuff isn't a requirement as long as it's just denim, paired with delicate girly stuff-- a pinafore over a little pink tee shirt or one of those little white tank top things-- just normal, every day clothes they would wear, maybe slightly accentuated. And then all they would do is basically model the clothes around while talking like a sassy little disrespectful brat, making fun of me, sticking out her tongue and going "DuUhH!" Just your basic bratty, spoiled, mean little girl type stuff-- the only difference is that I have some say over how it happens, and I'm allowed to legally use it to get off-- since that more or less perfectly ordinary behavior is the exact thing I love, but there's currently no way I can legally enjoy it the way I really want to. It's ARGUABLY not ENTIRELY illegal, but I know most parents wouldn't be cool with it under the current stigma, and if the law decided to they could find SOMETHING to call it so it wouldn't be allowed anyway. So I'm saying that under my case and similar cases to it, they SHOULD allow some regulated things to be made, sold, transacted, ECT. Yeah, little girls turn me on-- but I don't even WANT s** and could even get by without ANY physicality involved. Also, the things that I WOULD want them to do aren't even NECESSARILY sexual in NATURE-- they just happen to be things that I PERSONALLY get off to, and I'm sure I'm not alone there, either.

  • I suppose everyone has their opinion on girls. Some teenagers do look sexy when dressed in short skirts and heels hard not to notice them I want to a bbq. And there was a young blonde girl there with a summer dress on that just gripped her bum. Loads of men I spoke to there. Said how pretty she was. So I guess they all looked at her and noticed her body.

  • So Youwas wearing thongs at 10. Sorry but that’s not right.

  • That is called sexual glorification of a preteen and is a felony.

  • Literally not a thing.

  • Anything's a "felony" if the right a****** has a problem with it. They just be pullin' crimes out their a**** now.

  • You so smart then look it up idiot.

  • No need, it doesn't exist.

  • Give me a state ahole

  • Do you even SPEAK English, ya stupid s***?! IT DOESN'T F****** EXIST!! I don't DOUBT that somebody somewhere has used that term to justify somethin'-- they make s*** up as needed these days-- BUT IT'S NOT ANYTHING REGULAR DEEP INTO ANY OF THE BOOKS!! IT'S NOT A REAL THING-- THEY JUST DECIDED IT WAS!

  • You say that like it DOESN'T just make it sexier...

  • Make it sexier what do you mean. ?

  • I mean it makes it sexier.

  • What a 10 year old in a thong. ?

  • NOOOOO...!

  • Exactly how could a mother allow her young daughter to were a thong.

  • ...She wants her daughter to be comfortable and sexy at the beach... or in the back yard... Or in the front yard...

  • Yes but she can be comfortable in a normal swimming costume.

  • And yet not quite as sexy doing it.

  • Sounds like her mother just wants people to look at her daughter.

  • And what could be so wrong with that? It's a mother's wish that her daughter have maximum confidence!

  • Well if her daughter has a sexy body I think she can work that out for her self with her sexy curves.

  • C** bucket

  • Yummy, nice! Im 14 and I also wear thong bikinis for a couple of years already. So fun to show off and enjoy the looks. Love, Maja

  • Show it

  • That's so cool! Like I posted above I'm 17 and love wearing my thong kinis at the beach

  • The same offer I made to her is open to you as well, of course. If you're interested.

  • So hot...

  • 13, huh? That's a hot age. I mean, I realize it doesn't always FEEL hot-- but from the outside looking at you? It's hot and YOU'RE hot. In fact, I'd like you to do something for me. It might sound really weird, and I get it if you just don't want to. But if you did it for me it would be a huge turn on for me. If you wanna know what it is I'll tell you, but only if you actually wanna know.

  • What is it?

  • Well, like I said, it's gonna sound weird-- but I absolutely love it when young girls make fun of me. Like, saying whatever teasing, mocking things they can think of-- they don't even have to be really mean, as long as she's clearly doing it to tease and make fun of me. But that's not all, the really sexy part is that she isn't just making fun of me-- she's openly laughing in my face WHILE she's doing it. Like "Lol, (insult/comeback) LMAO!" Or sometimes she'll randomly JUST laugh when I say something, and I have to PRESS her to be actually roasted. Like if I said something you might just go "Lol!" or "XD" or "Hahaha..." Then I might either ask what's funny or tell you to stop, and I either get a sarcastic burn, or you just keep laughing at me until you finally DECIDE to drop a burn on me out of boredom/annoyance. Basically, you're low key bullying an obvious creep who you KNOW thinks you're hot but also knows he can't actually do anything to you, so you can get away with doing it. Actually it would be REALLY hot if you ALSO made a joke about me ASKING you to do this for me, but just a suggestion, make up whatever you want if you decide to.

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