I long for a no-way-out spanking

Although I was occasionally slapped as a child I was never given formal over-the-knee spankings, yet I developed a fascination with the idea. As I got older and realised I was gay I understood that part of the fascination was being at the mercy of a stronger, more dominant man. When I was 21 I met an older guy, and we developed a relationship that has lasted 30 years. He was very gentle and loving and never spanked me other than a gentle pat on the butt, though he did like to top during s**.

After a while our s** life kind of died away, though we still care about each other, but I am constantly thinking about meeting up with a guy and getting spanked. I started chatting with a guy on a site for spanking hookups. He said if I stay overnight with him he will beat my ass in every room of the house - I’ll never know when the next spanking is coming, and I’ll have no say in when they start and stop. My pants and briefs will be taken away and I will be kept bare-assed for easy access. I will also have to lick his b**** and ass and suck him, and maybe if I agree to get f***** I will get let off some of my spankings. I can’t stop thinking about it, even though I know my partner would be upset if he found out - I even looked into travelling up to this guy when my partner will be away.

Nov 6

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  • Witam, przeczytałem twój post i chciałbym nawiązać z tobą przyjaźń. Proszę o odpowiedź, jeśli jesteś zainteresowany, abym dał ci moje zdjęcia i powiedział ci więcej o mnie.

  • Great story

  • I promise to be a little slave hoe to the S****** I can get money for its Been 15 Year's I have antasied c** But Im Absessed with S****** Mommys to get aDiaper and then Breastfeed me to stop me from crying after She spanks me and I will be her s** toy forever and always will love worshiping her D***

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