Uber surprise

I am a mother of two and earn some extra cash driving for Uber during the day while my children are in school.
Yesterday I picked up a client at a local high school and transported him to the mall. He was a teenage boy and during chit chat I learned he was a senior so 17 or 18 years old. He asked to ride in the front seat due to a tendency to get car sick. I was OK with that, but a couple of minutes into the ride he shocked me. He pulled his sweats down to his knees and began stroking himself! I tried to keep my eyes looking forward and politely asked him to please pull his pants back up. He ignored me, never said a word and kept stroking his d***. I was so embarrassed, I didn't know what to do! I couldn't help but to glance over. He was pretty big and had a big grin on his face as he looked at me. I tried to ignore it but I couldn't. Finally he started grunting and shot c** all over the place. It was a mess, there was so much of it!
I kept my composure, reached into the console and pulled out some tissues. I handed them to him and asked him to please clean up. He did but he kept his pants down until we got to our destination.
As he got out he told me he would specifically request me again soon.

24 days


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  • Wow! Nothing better than a young, hard c***.

    You need to ride him next time. He will enjoy being with an older woman and you will love that hard c***

  • Did it leave you feeling h**** once he got out or deep down you really wanted some c****k to s**know and f**know you hard.

  • Deep down I want some young c***

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