Perfect family? Not really.

I am a middle-aged woman who boasts of being married with the same guy for more than 15 years, yet, nobody knows that my husband treats me worse than an animal. He doesn't have a job and instead of me buying things for my child, he wants me to buy him clothes while I can't even buy anything for myself. He jokes I'm ugly all the time. He doesn't do laundry, he doesn't clean the house (occassionally when he really has to) and when I go home late at night from work, dishes are al piled up while he goes out with his friends. He always blames me for him being unhappy. He magnifies all the past mistakes I did in my life. If I go on nobody would believe the things he did. I feel worthless already and I want a new life.

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  • I'm betting you're attractive and just lack the confidence to move on.

  • Leave the guy,you will do better by yourself and the kids.You can find s** whenever you want,he can visit the kids whenever the court says he can. I am a guy and I know u can do much better. Why stay with a Loser,User and Abuser? You will never get a Medal or Happiness for sticking around.He is an incompetent father, husband n provider.

  • It's called "no-fault divorce". Practice it. Nothing else is keeping you there but you.

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