Married, but...

I got married over a year ago, but to me that doesn't mean I can't f*** around! I have had s** with over half dozen men since I got married. I need the variety, and my husband either doesn't have clue or doesn't mind. For anyone who thinks marriage is a stranglehold on your s** life, forget it. F****** around is not only fun but feels very natural. At least to me.

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  • So, Um, CHEATER?!

  • Beware of incurable and deadly stds before thinking of f****** multiple random people...

  • You are stupid.

  • Sure would like to meet up with a chick that loves receiving oral s** .no inter course. In north ga area well she's out of town to tommrow.

  • Sure would like to have some cosplay with u as I'm the wolf u little red riding hood u lost in the forest. where u from I'm born and raised here in north ga mountian let me know if interested

  • Good for you! My wife has had s** with probably a dozen other men in the 10 years we have been married. Some I know about. Some I don't. As long as she doesn't get an STD or pregnant, I'm ok with it.

  • That usually means your s******* around on her too. Care to comment??

  • U are a great man because I believe the same as you as long I know and can watch only no ones I don't know about

  • I totally understand that you are a s***. Can I get your number

  • Damn have some manners u talking to a lady why u you got to call some one a s*** u don't know her .please

  • I mean i get what your saying, but she kinda was. S******* around when your married is seriously F***** up. She straight broke her wedding vows. ' Till death do us part'. This mean forever. You can't have forever if your banging other guys. Just sayin.

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