He's too controlling

I can't twitch without him knowing what i'm doing, or who i talk to. He looks through my e-mails, and doesn't know that i made a new one two weeks ago. He holds onto my credit cards, and says that i'll loose them if he doesn't. When we have **, he doesn't want me to do anything but spread my legs. He's just too controlling.

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  • Maybe he is cheating. When men start controlling you, it's because they are checking on you to make sure you aren't cheating on them. I suggest you investigate him, look at phone records, his credit card bills, etc.

  • It's time you started an affair, darling. That would improve everything in your life.

  • No, no it wouldn't. And you are a ** idiot for suggesting such. ** DIE.

  • I have my wife practice submission like lying there on her back legs apart and I just push in a ** her. I don't regularly check her credit cards but if she buys new clothes she has to model them for me and if they are too boring I make her take them back.

  • Stop ** and go home you ** gold digger. Your probably all of 20 and he's 50 or 60. They're probably his credit cards and you've probably never worked a day in your life. You ** about the **, but it's probably you who just wants to lie there uninterested. Think not? Then why hasn't she left if she's that unhappy? Cause she doesn't have a job and has no idea how to live on her own.

  • Good summation.

  • ...pack now....leave before he gets home from work..........

  • Is it him or is it you? If you don't have anything to hide, then why did you create a new email without telling him? Are you hiding something? Trust is something that is earned and sometimes people do ** that destroys that trust. Then they blame the other person for not trusting them. I suggest putting yourself in his shoes and ask why he doesn't trust you. Remember, if you won't tell your spouse about it, then it's a good bet it's breaking trust.


  • None of that is normal

  • He's abusive. When are you going to leave him?

  • Get freaking Lost. She is the abuser with insulting comments regarding him. He on the other hand is just being a man. You just like to bash men too. Tired.

  • How is she the abuser for saying what's going on?

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