The night we met and we fell in love.

So, it all started on march 4th when my grandmother was drunk asf and she took 2 xanax's and i texted my plug to come pick me up because i was bored and lowkey h****. (im 15 btw) and so i had made him wait like 20 minutes so i could finish doing my hair and i ended up leaving with nike pros on no shoes and only fluffy socks and a red wired bra with a PINK grey hoodie. I left and i got into his car and mind you this was like the first time i had ever snuck out so i was s******* my pants. We parked on the corner of my house cus i was so nervous that i wanted to be near my house just in case yk. but i jumped to the backseat and he had to get outta his car cus hes taller than me and i jumped on top of him and started making out with him and i didn't have a hair tie so my hair was all over the place. and he started kissing my neck and going lower and lower and i took my hoodie off and he started kissing my b**** and sucking them and giving me hickeys all over myy chest and neck. Than he unclasped my bra for me and i took his shirt off and since i was wearing nike pros i had to stand up and take them off so he helped me do that i threw my shorts to the front seat and i wasn't wearing panties either . he took of his pants and boxers completley and i went down and started sucking him off the moans he had were just turning me on and on by the second and while i was sucking him off he fingered me while i sucked him off. than after we were both like extra turned on and i was like extra extra wet i literally got on top of him and stuck his d*** inside of me (his d*** was like 9 1/2 inches bro) and the way his d*** just slid inside of me i felt it in my stomach i started bouncing on him and he was pulling my hair back while i was f****** him ( we were sitting face to face) and i have really thick long hair like extremly thick hair so i felt my hair all over my back and it was all over my face and i swittched sides and i held on to the back of the drivers seat while i rode him than he pulled me closer to him and he whispered in my ear and told me to lay down on my back im like bet and than he put my legs on top of his shoulders mind you im 4'8 but i have long legs but thick thighs yk and he f***** me slow but deep and by each second he would start going faster and faster and the entire time we had s** we held eye contact falling in love with each other even when we promised eachother not to fall in love with eachother, our bodys were so sweaty so it made us even MORE hornier than we were and mind you i left my house at 1 am. anyway i told him to lay his body on me so i can have some of his weight on me and when my b**** touched his sweaty chest and my stomach touched his 6 pack i got so much more hornier than i already was. he than grabbed me by my waist and flipped me to doggy and since im really flexable i had my ass all the way up in the air with my whole stomach still touching the seat of the car he was f****** me so hard and deep and was pulling my hair at the same time i didn't want to stop at all he just kept going harder and harder and at that point i felt my legs shaking already so i told him not to stop and he put his hands on my waist again and flipped me over again to missonary so i could feel it more in my stomach and he went even deeper than he was before doggy and im pretty sure i came twice and he kept going harder and deeper by the moment kissing my neck while he f***** me sucking on my b**** while he went in and out slowly inside of me. he nutted all over my b**** and stomach our hair was full of sweat and we ended up both finishing at 4:10am we ended up going to mcdonalds and he bought me a hashbrown since there were no fries cus they were making breakfast already and he fed me the hashbrown than we had a quicky and i ended up getting home at 8:15 which when i got home my grandma was already awake in bed and she thought the entire time that i was sleeping in bed.

Nov 16

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