I like it when he hits me

My boyfriend and I have become more fetish-y in our s** life. Recently during some tough bondage play he got very into his role and slapped my face. HARD. I came uncontrollably. I had to buy special make-up to conceal the bruises.

At my request, he has begun to choke me with his hands while he's inside me. I like to come while his hands are squeezing my neck. A couple of times he's wrung my neck for so long that I passed out. Both of the times I lost consciousness I was on my back with him on top. Lately we've tried to limit our suffocation play to when I'm taking it in the butt... the pain of it seems to keep me awake. And I like it soooo much when he's hurting me.

We used to have a very balanced relationship, but lately he's become more dominating and controlling, even outside the bedroom. He grabs me by my hair all the time. He rips my clothes off and f**** me, even when I tell him not to. It turns me on. We have a safeword for this type of play, but I'll never use it. I want to know how far he'll take it. I want him to make me bleed.

I have always considered myself a feminist, and I'm confused by my attratction to this new behavior. He has never treated a woman this way, and he's shocked by the things he finds himself doing. We've discussed our changing roles, and we both like what we're doing.

Last night he pounded me until I was raw and bit my nipples so hard that today I've hidden ice packs in my bra to help bring down the swelling. I'm so bruised and sore. I can't wait to go home for more.

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