I'm guilty

I cheated on my boyfriend before we got engaged, and now I'm guilty and shameful. I don't want to tell him because if I do, then I'm pushing my guilt and shame on him. He tells me I make him the happiest he's ever been, and I've never been happier in my life. I want to stay with him, and he's the best thing I've ever had. How do I overcome my guilt and shame and begin to mce on I my life and our life, as we continue with our new engagement.

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  • Live with it for the rest of your life. It was your actions and you will only be shifting the pain on to him. Accept that you are human and you make mistakes, once, and learn from them and do not repeat them. Then you can forgive yourself and move on. If you feel the tempation to cheat again, remember this pain. And if you do it again, then you will have to suffer with twice (of not more) for your actions.

  • just tell him i told my gf and she understood that i cheated she was completely fine so tell him, i would understand

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