Armie hammer

So im watching house of hammer the armie hammer docu series on his rape allegations and supposably cannibalism.
yes un consensual rape is terrible and cannibalism fetishes are a little nerve racking but the other parts are being blown out of proportion, like his rope fetish, or his statement "i want to bite the f*** out if you" or his fantasy to tie a girl up for free use, (which is literally a whole p*** category public disgrace/humiliation)
is all pretty normal bdsm.

even his rape fantasy i find fine as a women as-long you you do it morally correct in a rape roll play way thats still consensual. but these sexual dms he sent out that women are speaking out about seem a little dramatic. one women even said she would heart the messages just to show she acknowledged them but actually felt very uncomfortable??? COMMUNICATE!!!
and every one claiming to be a freak yet getting shocked over this, this is what freaky is guys.

the whole documentary felt more like a p**** for me honestly id take hammer any day

Nov 25

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