Want to Gangrape my wife

I have a crazy fantasy I want to have a group of guys gang rape my wife while I film was thinking of knocking her out with something and haveing 4 or more guys repeatedly rape her holes if she wakes I'll hold her down till the finish. Double penetrate her hard against her will I love watching guys f*** her but she won't do more than one so gotta take matters in my own hands.last week finally got her to take black c*** so hot our neighbors now I want more... Love sharing her



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  • No it didn't happen I know

  • This was for play people jeez

  • You don't deserve the title of a human being, if you find this amusing

  • I like to watch you being laughed at and shamed as we f*** your wife. You like being a cuckold and watching your wife being used like a w****. You like other men laughing behind your back telling how your wife puts out. When they start calling your house to speak to your wife, you know what's going to happen, and that arouses you, doesn't it..

  • Yes i have raped some one and it really felt great

  • This was just a fantasy no it did not happen

  • No wonder this was happened with your mother

  • Are you the silly postee?

  • Nope

  • This never happened!

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