Im addicted

To free p***. I watch hours every night. Sometimes i dont even m********* i just search and watch for hours. And its all free. I do have trouble finding more extreme p***. I remember when i was a little girl i could get off watching softcore cinemax p*** and now i need multiple people and force. I have trouble finding p*** with good enough actors to pull of rape so i watch hentai the most. Anyone know of some good free sites? Ive been watching XNXX which is great. also HardSexTube is good. but i have a hard time finding a hentai i havent seen yet. or that isnt blurred. And i hate japanese p***. its conceptually the closest live action to what i want, but asian men dont turn me on.

I love it when the men use the women like they are just toys. They f** c** and change positions without her even knowing who is in her holes. Or when there are three men at a time in one woman. or when the woman cries because it hurts. or when a man c*** inside her and the next starts fuking her while the first mans c** is still dripping. or when a family member takes advantage. or when the girl is drugged or sleeping or tied up and used by a gang of men. even writing about it is getting me wet right now. let me know if you know where i can find more like this.

And if your gonna say something about how rape is horrible and as a woman i should not be into it, save it. I know. Im into rape FANTASY. not the real thing, just some role playing.

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  • I'm a girl too and just wow the exact same thing happened to me : I started out by watching regular p***, but after some time it just wasn't enough anymore, and then I realised what turned me really on was fantasy rape, especially hentai. So I recommend the website, or even just search "brutal s**" on google, and the first link is pretty good, I think its called, they kind of have everything...

    Also sometimes when there's nothing new on the sites I like, I read fantasy rape stories, some complety suck, but others are really well written and amazingly detailed the website I use for that is called caitsbasement they have fantasy rape stories (one on one), fantasy gang bang (multiple guys, one woman)rape stories, man on man, woman on woman ... It's kinda cool if you don't really need pictures, sometimes I just want to take my time so I read them and get inspired to picture them in my head...

    Well, I hope that helps

  • Crazy. I actually went from being into softer to harder more action stuff. Like huge cumshots and huge creampies, but then I started to really not be into p***. I started looking at nudes on tumblr. Basically I'm into soft-core pictures.
    - Then again I'm looking to quit altogether.

  • Ha, what an honest confession. No, I'm not going to condemn you for your fantasies, which is just what they are. I actually find it exciting that you're so freaky.

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