A scare

I've been taking the pill every day.. None missed, all within two minutes of the same time. 5 one day, 5:01, etc. But I'm scared. My period is always two days after my reminder pills. Now I'm spotting instead of having my period. It's the first day, though. I can't be pregnant. I've been too careful..


Jul 8, 2010

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  • How long have you been on it? It can take 3 months to regulate your period, don't freak yourself out about it otherwise your mind will start playing tricks on you.

  • I have been stressed.. I have Generalized Anxiety disorder, and Panic disorder..

    Also, my pill is 99% effective. I've read the packet twenty times over. Each time I receive it.

    Thank you. My period was irregular this time, though... I mean.. It was still there.. I think... It wasn't spotting on day two.. Or three, I think...

  • Have you been stressed more than usual lately? That can effect your cycle. There are many things that can effect your cycle, actually, so don't freak out yet.

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