Goodbye to You, Brother

My brother is a sociopath. He doesn't know this, being he's not nearly as clever as he thinks himself to be; in his mind, he has everyone figured out, he's cleverer than anyone else. The result of this mindset is he has violated so many boundaries with others it's unbelievable. The things I've heard from others, the things I've seen him do....And also, he has disrespected me for the last time. Of course, he thinks he's got me figured out as well, and I didn't realize this for months after coming back to our family home after so many years, which is his and his wife's now. It slowly dawned on me that he will do anything to get his way, and he will treat people as he pleases, ** their feelings or anything else. He's a big guy, so strength is his main advantage, and an aggression that is off the charts. Charismatic, funny. But also uncouth, cruel, malevolent, even. He knows this, and keeps people in check this way. Surrounds himself with people who look up to him and agree with whatever he says. If you dare dissent, you're on his shitlist. He's tried to start his aggressive behavior with me, and I wouldn't dance, breaking down his behaviors by letting him know what he's doing which of course ** him off, as no one else does that, and it leaves him feeling like a deer in headlights. So he wants to see me in terms of an unfortunate family circumstance (which I was stupid enough to share with him years back), if only to belittle me, to minimize my standing as a person. He fakes his attitude with me now, since we are so unbelievably different, and he can't figure me out like he thinks he's got everyone else figured out. He opens packages that come for me, and makes excuses for it--I know he's lying. His wife receives numerous packages, and he respects those; he knows to read the labels by now. He's spoken about me to his friends, maligned me. They make off the cuff remarks and jokes that reflect what's been said, and it's not healthy. I keep quiet, there's no point in giving him what he wants, which is drama. Of course I'm not telling you everything, so I'm sorry if this feels like much is left out, but it has to be; it's too much to divulge on a site like this, but let's say ultimately, this is truly sad. I cannot trust my own brother,my own flesh and blood. I came back here after so many years away thinking we were both grown men now, could speak of our life experiences and grow as brethren. I realized I was so wrong, and gave him far more credit than he deserved; he's spiteful, deceitful, arrogant beyond compare, sleazy, ridiculously self-assured, manipulative, slick. I finally realized this is not someone I want in my life; people like this are poisonous, treacherous, despite maintaining appearances simply because they observe you and try to match up to what they think you're about. They give themselves away in other ways, and I'm not interested in games, I'm not interested in such sleazy, underhanded behaviors--they're shocking to behold, and unhealthy. I'll be leaving, and when I do he will never hear from me again. I will disown this sociopath as family. He will be ghosted.

Dec 25
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  • Sounds like my brother. Cut these people out like cancer. They can't be helped or dealt with.

  • It's okay, mate. Your choice was reasonable. There's not much one can do about a toxic family. Sometimes letting them go is the only solution. Sending a virtual hug, if you accept it.

  • Seriously, I’d ask if I wrote this. I did the same to my half brother. ** stole my deceased fathers musical instruments and wanted half the insurance payout in less than 6 days after dad died. When you identify that animal you cut them out instantly.

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