My boyfriend doesn't know I'm on a hookup app

I'm glad this site is anonymous.
I attend college 3 hours from home. My roommate talked me into joining a popular hookup site. It's a fun way to have ** while I'm away from home without worries of a commitment.
I came home for winter and while having ** with my boyfriend I wondered what he'd say if he knew I've hooked up with over 20 random guys this past year. lol

Dec 26

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What's the point

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  • Your are my kinda girl. I'd encourage you to **. Just remember pics and vids

  • Bfd u humblebrag
    u aint the first

  • I hope you're making side cash with your 'random guys'.
    I finished college before the pandemic and that's how I made extra cash.
    I joined a sorority and my roommate told me how to do it without 'asking'. lol
    I attended college in Atlanta so it was pretty easy.
    Start flirting with an older guy 40+ that's in town for only a few days.
    Flirt and sext. Toss out some 'hint's' that you're broke.
    Dress ** and do anything the guys asks and you would not believe how much money you can make in one night.
    My experience, the married guys are more generous. They'll also have no problem using protection either. Just a thought.
    Have fun, Enjoy & be safe!

  • Few guys want to date a **. A ** in my opinion is a person who is in a committed relationship and still ** other people w o their partner knowing. Not everyone likes to be cheated on. And if it were him cheating you’d be on here crying about there’s no good men to date anymore cause all men are cheaters etc etc.
    just break up w him or tell him and let him choose if he wants to be w a cheater or not. And get tested. **

  • Ahhh..the typical type of woman. The Holland tunell

  • I knew that my girlfriend was ** many guys at college while finishing her degree after I graduated the year before. We had great ** while she told me about them ** her.

  • He'd say you're a pox ridden sl@g with a well used hole. Nothing to be proud of. Although, you appear to be. Daddy must be so proud.

  • Hope you’re getting tested, and he’d probably love to see it recorded / try some group **. Personally group ** is the best **.

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