How I Became a Sissy ** Black Mans **

I was so young and naive I was fourteen but I thought a lot about **, masturbated often to stolen girlie mags. I had played nasty nurse with neighbor Nancy and played Tommy's (A homosexual at 6) his/her husband who got
"relaxed via BJ or HJ, by wife Tommacina after work, yes I was precocious.

In my neighborhood there was a black scrap iron/ junk man. His name was Larry, single, around forty, all the uppity white exclusive neighborhood folks liked Larry.
One day Larry ask me to help him, I did got paid $5bucks. Next week Larry offered me a job as a helper for $5 an hour I took it $30-40 A day, A kid 14 he'll ya!

Soon Larry was going to his ' hood taking me there for lunch, aide on home improvement, etc;.
Thing was Larry had a library of XXXX movies I wanted to watch, at first Larry played hard **, then he ostensibly softened. I promise I won't tell a soul. I played as he was playing me.
Since my alcoholic parents did not mind I spent a lot of time with him, lot of time with an aching ** watching dirty movies.
Larry gave me beer, soon loaded and drunk ** I willingly got naked, Larry knew exactly how to get his 9" BBC in my mouth,, He came and would not let me spit bleach chillin. As the movie continued Larry J/O me it felt so good.
Within a year he was dumping in my ** as I watched X movies by age 16 he shared me and it all felt good I wanted more. At 17 I was his ** dressed in girl clothes wearing make-up turning tricks.

Dec 29

Next Confession

I love you, please pull through

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