I hate gangsters!

Gangsters are the biggest enemy to us. They are a huge unpure colored filthy subhuman creatures who are criminals, drug addicts, rapists and are serial killers who are behind every crime of killing innocent white families, man and woman in the streets of a Inner city. The killer is a Mexican and some violent liberal Black who really hates whites and wants to kill whitey! Their ** hip hop ** music and loves to brainwash the white youth especially children to get into rap music and starts to acts like negroes and saying ** words.

Negroes has betrayed their friends which are the White race and decided to hate, attack and have rebel against them. They become the black Marxists and the Socialist's. They started to trust the Jew's Lies and the Democrats.
They befriended many people from the side which are the enemy side which are Mexicans, the Chinese, Muslims and Arabs! They got into the Islamic
religion which called themselves the Black Muslims and begin learning to hate the western world, the white race and the United States.

This Time! We will found out and solve the problem!



Dec 31

Next Confession

Belated Christmas present

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  • I feel very sorry for you, and hope you grow as a human being from where you are now. I can see why you make anon posts here- your entire family and friend group has likely abandoned you once you started posting things like this publicly under a social media that is openly tied to whoever is behind the screen typing. Divorce court has really, really done a number on American men.

  • Dead on ** accurate. Inner city blacks are subhuman savages abd the elitist jews and their liberal dupes are to blame for inflicting these creatures on society.

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