The day I almost didn't graduate

Miss Turner didn't like me. I was not that bad of a student but for reasons of her own she disliked me. On the last day of school we turned in our textbooks. Her eyes got weird. She told me that the book was not in the same shape as when it had been issued to me. I said well it a year old and the wear and tear she saw was merely the normal wear you get from one year of a book next to another book. She said nothing just kept looking at me.

Sensing what she was thinking I asked how much do I owe for the damage. She looked disappointed but said $7.00. I just happened to have 12 one dollar bills in my billfold.

Without a word I gave her seven ones. She took the money looking as if her most devious plot had been foiled.

I checked into it and a brand new book cost around six dollars. The book she had received from me was still usable as the wear inside was nonexistent.

A schoolteacher had robbed me of all people.

Dec 31

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