Finding out you are gay and so is he

We decided that we would go to Manzanillo for Spring Break. My friend, one of the four of us, had an uncle who had a time share there and he offered it to us for the week. In Manzanillo we did what was expected, got drunk, hung out in the hot tub, picked up some hookers, and ** on the floor.

One night I was still hung over my friend Pete came out of the bedroom with nothing on at all and an **. He stood over me, I was sitting on the floor, and he told me the ** had passed out and he needed me to help him get his rocks off. I grabbed his ** from the sitting position and started to stroke him. He felt good, but I felt good too. Holding his hard ** in my hand. It wasn't but a half second later that his ** was in my mouth and I was giving him a **.

I swallowed some, some went up my nose, some went down my chin. I had a ** grin on my face when he took a picture of me all covered in **. From then on I sucked him whenever he asked. I didn't mind. Manzanillo was in the rear view mirror and his ** was right there, I jerked him and sucked him off. From time to time he would show me the picture and this one time, I pulled my pants down and turned over and he got on top.

Why you're gay no one knows. It takes a moment for it to happen. Pete is gay too, he just pretends that he's the man, but he would rather have me ** his ** than some ** in Manzanillo. By the way, he has never ** an American girl, only hookers in Mexico. He's cautious, careful but if the moment is right and I get him on the bed he will make out. He calls me out afterwards, but he likes to make out and he likes to **.

Jan 10

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Some boys are so much more mature than they appear

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