Some boys are so much more mature than they appear

Don't laugh. In the ninth grade I had the worst ever crush on Dan. Dan was a bad boy, he was in trouble all the time and every mother knew to keep their daughters away from Dan. But my crush was too strong and Dan got his hand in my bra, his hand in my ** and his ** in my mouth. Then he ** me.

Ninth grade and pregnant. My parents were embarrassed, nothing like that had ever happened in their families. Dan's parents denied it was Dan. In those days there was no DNA, just circumstantial evidence and a blood test. He fit both, but we were young and the judge decided that the best thing was for me to go off to a girls school and give the baby up for adoption, and Dan got sent to an alternative school for bad boys.

When the baby was coming out of me I was screaming at the top of my lungs not to take my baby away. I screamed so loud my mother heard me outside the delivery room. I kept my baby, and I breast fed my baby. I showed my baby to Dan and told him he was the father because he was the only boy who ever ** me. Dan tried his best to weasel out, but I went over to their house and sat at the front door with my baby until Dan's mother gave in and said as much as the baby looked a bit like Dan.

Dan had no choice but to get married. He was caught dead to rights, and him being the boy he was going to have to get a job. I had my responsibilities with the baby. We lived with my parents. Dan was a bad boy, boy he was a bad boy. My father pretty much had to beat him down to obey. My Dad didn't take any ** off of Dan and put him is his place, and Dan shaped up.

You see Dan wasn't really a bad boy. He was just a boy and if I was a bad girl and wanted him to ** me, only a fool turns down **. Even my mother agreed with that. Dan grew up, so did I and after a bit we had another bundle of joy and then another. I felt so grown up, walking around with my big belly and two kids in a baby carriage. I wasn't even twenty.

To bring this to a close, we are still married and Dan works at a real responsible job and I have been a housewife all these years. I should have gone to college but I had babies instead. If Dan hadn't grown up I don't know what our future would have been.

Jan 10

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    There is nothing more glorious than a woman’s **.

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