I was dared to show up at work with no **....i tried but was told that wearing pants doesn't count......my husband had no idea on what i was doing thank goodness..so after a few weeks i got enough courage and in the parking garage it was off with my **..i felt extremely venerable always watching for the wind and moving quickly away from the public eye...my dress covered everything even though it was a knee high skirt ...i got into the office and as my usual started the coffee pot ...soon enough my anxiety started to get the best of my situation as people came into work and i was nervous ....he came into my cubicle and said gave me thumbs up on my skirt it wasn't the usual down to my ankles dress....
How would i show him no ** with 63 people in the center??
i had to think ....but nothing happened at all not even noticeable after a few other skirts and still not able to flash **...was starting to leave the house without ** everyday till my monthly appointment was due.....
that was a pants week..but i got bold ...next time he walked into my cubicle i would take command of it...and sure enough i got up from the chair thru papers on the floor and he looed puzzled a i bent down to pick them up and spread my legs giving him a full view of my **...without looking up i kept picking up the papers slowly not being aware of his phone camera being in use......
From that moment on i hardly wear ** and heve gone home with an extreme sticky ** and several ounces of DNA in my stomach....not all men are build the same my husband is larger but i still enjoy his smaller ** specially since i can go all the way to his ** in every hole of my body

Jan 11

Next Confession

Stopped believing in Science.

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