After workout shower at gym

I (58) was done with my workout and just had gotten out the shower,,i am drying off with towel and do not realize an older man (75?) is watching me. i go upto counter of sinks and mirrors and play with my ** piercings, put cream on LGBTQ tattoo, and after shave on shaved body (including shaved **) . now i am really being i am really really being watched. this man walks upto me and compliments me on LGBTQ anklet and silver chain anklet on other ankle. he says , how do i keep so tan- i answered i tan at local tan shop. he mentions how i keep EVERYTHING in shape (staring at my **). he follows me back to locker and asks if he can touch my **,, i say not here!! he stays and continues to stare,, i say go or i will get in trouble. he walks 15 feet away and stares at me until i am fully dressed- then he left. ever since i have come out as LGBTQ,, alot of older men are greeting and waving at me-WOW!! --- what must it be like to be in your 70's and 80"s and never been allowed to enjoy your sexuality??

Jan 20

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