Ok im 23 and my partner is 22.We have been together just over 4yrs.
And we have good jobs im an electrician but work for myself with 4 of my mates who have there trades and so we do full refits on houses hotels etc.
My partner is a catalogue model mainly, but also models for make up artists and work alike.
So 18 months ago,we bought our first house and got a bargain with buying a run down,4 bedroom property on a corner plot with a double garageto the side of the house and so has a big rear garden.
I was given my orders by my mrs on how this and that needs to be and she wants this and that etc,en suite room bathrooms in the 2 main bedrooms, the main bathroom has to have a floor to ceiling window,shower that is also a sauna and has a tv and mp3 player in it.
eventually Me and my partner michelle moved in and the summer was about to start and michelle wanted a barby in the garden so we could have family and friends come over,and she wanted a hot tub in a house.Id always wanted a hot tub myself so said no problem,i did some work for a bloke that knew a bloke and i ended up getting a 6 man hot tub for really next to nothing,i got my pal whos a plumber to sort that side i did the wiring and my other mate is a joiner so had him build a house around it,but with white and glass panels on the roof and duble glaszed glass units for the sides,once done it was brilliant,one evening michelle says, im going in the hot tub are you coming,i said you know ive got to go and price a job up and its 30 mins away so will be a couple of hours,so open a bottle of wine and you enjoy it all to yourself.I jump in my van and head off to price the job up im 15 minutes into the journey.when my phone rings and its the couple who's house im going to asking if i can come the following day as they had broken down and were waiting for the recovery and were told upto 2hrs.I say yeah thats not a problem as now im thinking hot tub evening instead.So i gets home and as im in the kitchen i see Michelle in the hot tub led back and **.so instead of going outside i grab my mobile and take a load of pictures.then she looks up and waves and then i hear a bloke say.. Now that i could do with in my garden,but it would have to come with the acccesories and Michelle laughs,He then asks how mch it all cost and she said not a lot because we have friends that did the work,he then says could you find out how much one would cost and let him know,she says sure no problem and he then says ill leave you to it,but do you mind if i take the occasional look and she says nothing and instead laughs.
So i wait and im fuming she is led there ** and getting off with the neighbour chating her up showing him her **.after a few minutes i go outside and tell her that the estimate had been called off till the folllowing day.I dont mention the neighbour and what i heard and say im goin gto watch tv and said how often are you ** in there and she said if it bothers me she wont do it again but i say dont be daft its upto you.
the following day its ** down and i go and give the coupe the estimate before going home,i get in and Michelle is in the hot tub already ** again and again chatting to the neighbour,so this tie i go outside and she says oh hes here now you can ask him,so i look up and theres this id say 30yr old bloke at the window,i say sorry we havnt been round we have been busy with the work then settling in,he said anytime you and "Michelle" are free call round for a beer with him and his mrs,IM LIKE OH SO YOU KNOW HER NAME NOW AS WELL....he then says and you can give me a price on a hot tub set up in my garden.
I pull up the next day after work and the neighbour collars me and says do you and Michelle fancy a beer shortly mainly so you can give me a price on a few electrical jobs that need doing in his house as well as the hot tub price.
I say ill ask michelle what she is doing,he ays if she is busy you come round anyway as he needs the prices.we go round i look down in micks room thats full of gadgets and see extension lead plugged into extension lead into 3 way adapters and say thats not good,one because itll set your house on fire one day and also im your neighbour so wcould dstroy my thats one of the jobs he wants me to do.and in the intrest of my property say,ill start tomorrow night after work for as cheap as possible and say ill buy the bits and do it for free ill put double sockets everywhere so its safe and everything will have its own plug socket.
The female that opened the door then comes in holding 2 bottles of beer and he says this is my wife rachel. i say hi rachel im steve and he says hes coming to do the electrics in here tomorrow,she says what about the shower and the lights,so i look and the shower isnt working its electric and the lights in the hallway and 2 bedrooms dont work,so i say ill bring all my tools tomorrow and test everything.
Eventually we are all in the conservatory and ** says ok ste how much for a hot tub and house like what you have got.
So tell him what the house would cost as the hot tub i got for next to nowt in payment for work but say the one we have is 6 man and costs 6 grand but can get them for around 2500 for a good one.
he says after ive done the electrics can i go with him to order say yeah.
Then say ive only got a little job tomorrow so can try and get the room electrics nearly finished and find out whats going on with te upstairs electrics.depending when your home from work,he says its ok anytime as rachel will be in if im coming round.
So the next day i dont bother going and instead knock on next door at around 9.30am rachel opens the door and i say the job got cancelled so ill do what i can here,she says come in so i say ill fid out whats going on upstairs i open the fuse cupbaord and the board is obsolete dangerous and has no trip fuses i find the fault is in the attic whoever put the shower inn put an issolation switch in line and when ** has gone in the attic its tripped however the light feed is also attached ti it.
i then tell rachel im off to get bits i need she says if its ok with me can she come and pay on her card i say sure.she asks if i will be there after 7pm as ** like to be in his dressing gown and slippers at 8pm i say no ill be gone by then,
We get back to hers and she says is michelle in i say yeah and she asks if she can go round i say ill take you i start installing the board that works the house
after ive took the old one off ive to run a wire to the attic to feed the lights up do that then i connect everything once turned on and ive got my supply to the next board in micks room i need to get rachel as i need to check i go into mine and i cant hear them i look outside and Michellle and rachel are both in the hot tub **.i go back next door and go into the back bedroom and theres a camera set up at the window worth about 5 grand pointing at our hot tub,im fuming that micks been taking photos so get my phone out and take loads of rachel and michellle **,my ** throbbing looking at rachels ** bobbing away in the water. just as im about to start on micks room he comes home and i make an excuse that i cant do it today and that il do it the followiing day but show him what has been done,i then go home and walk into the garden rachel sees me and at first dosnt know how to react,but sees michelle take it in her stride so lets them go but sits up so i can see them and i think wow there perfect,i look at michelle who is looking at me look at her **,and gives me a your in ** look.i tell rachel ** is home and she says oh i best get back and make his tea i then pass her a towel and she stands up and she is wearing white transparant knickers and she has got **,ive wanted michelle to grow ** for a while but she says they make her feel unclean,so i see rachel to the door and as im near the back door i hear ** being his pervert weird way with Michellle and her loving the attention,then says what you upto tonight and michelle says she is driving to southampton for a photoshoot and wil be gone for 3 days,its about 7pm when she leaves.i wait till about 8pm and then i get naked and get in the hot tub i left my tester and crimps in the bathroom at micks as rachel had said about ** will be wanting a shower now but im first he can go at 8.sure enough i hear the doorbell go and ive put a sign on the door saying use the side gate if no answer so i hear the gate go and open and in walks rachel,she says i found these after i had a shower i said thanks can you put them in the kitchen for me youl have to go out the gate,so i thinking im going to show you my ** whe you come out and its already hard being in the tub.she comes out and i say i will come round tomorrow about 12,could you pass me a towl.she walks over picks up the towel and hands it me as i stand up with a huge errection and she stands there and stares at it,then realises and i sit back down.and then say ill get out and lock the gate so stand back up and she looks again,i put the towel round me and lock the gate i get back in and i see rachel looking at me so i start ** in the hot tub and then as im about to ** i look up at her and **.i go round the next day and im there 15 minutes and im ** micks wife in the working shower and ive been ** her everyday since

Next Confession

Hope you know it...

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  • Dude, you need to learn how to get to the ** point.

    Felt like I was reading a ** 600 page essay on cat litter.

  • That's OK, because the neighbor guy is also ** your wife.

  • You know it,for sure he is giving her a very large portion of neighbourly ** good luck to them all

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