Women, change you ways

Many people wonder why the rate of rape is so exponentially higher here in the U.S., and in western countries in general, than the rates of rape in places like Japan and China. It is because American women, and western women in general, put themselves out there as whores. Honestly, they do. They display themselves as whores. and, since they display themselves as whores, they get raped like whores. They bring it on themselves. Believe me, I know. I am a guy in his late 20's and I like to hang-out and drink and smoke pot with my friends and, no matter whose house, apartment, trailer we hang out at, there's always women and some teen-age girls wanting to hang-out and drink and smoke pot with us, even though we are a bunch of pretty big, drunk, stoned guys. And they are always wearing short skirts or really tight jeans and low-cut shirts with no bras on and stuff like that. And, needless to say, once we get drunk and stoned, and these women and girls are around us, they are going to get f*****! Sometimes they are willing and sometimes, not so much. But, hey, we're h****, drunk, stoned guys. If they don't want to get f*****, they shouldn't be hanging around us when we are drinking and smoking pot. From what i understand, in countries like Japan and China, most women don't hang out with men because that is not considered respectable. But here, in the good old U.S. of A., the term "respectable women" is not even part of our lexicon, anymore. So ladies, if you don't want to get raped, try changing your behavior. Like my dad used to say, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!" because, believe me, rape is one of the easiest crimes to get away with. Believe me, i know.

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  • you are my god

  • How dare you f****** blame women for rape.
    You being drunk and h**** and s*** is not a f****** excuse to penetrate some unwilling teenage or any age female!
    Go f*** your guy mates up the a*** seeming as you're so h****. Girls can dress the way they like, it doesn't mean they deserve to be raped!

  • i hope some HUGE F** showes you what rape is all about before he slices your throat open!

  • i hope someone finds out what you're thinking and castrates you someday you sick b******. what woman would ever want to willingly have s** with you? no wonder you defend rape, it's probably the only way you'd ever get any. you're pathetic.

  • So your lack of self control means the women are to blame? You sound Moslem.

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