After my lover died his wife has ensured I am taken care of

I was a student teacher at an American school in Central America. I didn't know what to expect but I was open to new experiences. It was the era of free love and all that, late sixties. I had a student in my high school physics class who looked at me like a wolf looking at a lamb for dinner.

I don't now why, I have racked my brain all these years, I took off my panties and sat across from him on the desk and opened my legs for a second. Giving him a full frontal view of my womanhood. He noticed but didn't react in class. After class I went to the ladies room and put my panties back on.

This school was a campus, and behind the track was a dip where smokers went. I went as well, it was mostly older students and a few teachers. It was a time of laying on the grass and skirts being raised by the wind. I was never ashamed of my girl parts, t*** or ass or p****. It was at that smokers place that that student came for me. I had a second to think, before he was on me and tearing my panties off from beneath my dress. Now I was naked down there and he was undoing his belt and soon his manhood was there smelling my p****. It took a half second longer before he laid me out under him and ran his d*** right in me. After he finished, I asked him if that's all he wanted. He said, no and I had to open my top so he could get t******.

I was 21 and he was 18 and I was pregnant. He came from a the high class of society and men had babies with working girls all the time. His family made arrangements for me to get a permanent position at the school but he never married me. I had two other children with him, I lived in a nice house and my children went to the school where I taught. He married a local girl, much younger, from the same class as his. She never complained about me having his children or being his lover.

He died in a plane accident ten years after I first got pregnant and she made sure that I always had money and that my house was in good repair and the car I drove was always recent and that my children attended the best universities. For Christmas she always sent me a very nice piece of jewelry.

I'm retired now and I moved to Florida close to my sister. When she is Florida she comes to see me and make sure that I am all right. I have never asked her why she is so nice to me. I'm sure that if the tables were turned I would have a hard time being so nice to my husband's lover.

Jan 25

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  • That’s a lovely story. Did she ever watch you and her husband make love?

  • She did walk in once while we were in the 69.

    I was horrified when I looked up and saw her standing at the door. But then I realized she was fingering herself as she watched and I then contacted to suck him off then ride him reverse cowgirl

  • It is a Latin American/Spanish thing. My mom was a mistress in Panama before she married my father.

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