Gay **

I am a man and have a fantasy of being ** by a gay man or even a group of gay men.

Jan 26

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  • My first fay sex with another boy was me getting force raped. I seem to of developed a pattern for that kind of sex stuff with gay men now that I got to be a teenager over the last year. They say it's my fault cause "I'm such a cute little prick teasing bitch'n good fuck??"

  • I have always had a rape fetish. I am a straight guy and I wish that I could get raped in my ass by another man. I want it to happen in front of my girlfriend, who has been raped on 2 occasions, as she has mentioned that she likes to see men be ass raped by other men.

  • I would like to help you out. It's been on my mind for a long time. Many years ago, an acquaintance told me of how he had raped a guy when he was younger. He planted a seed that never left the back of my mind.

  • I want to be murdered by a group of big black men

  • I compel your disgusting demonic entity in the name of Jesus Christ. You're lucky Jeffrey Dahmer isn't alive...

  • Happened to me when I was in my senior year of high school. All through the year guys were having weekend parties and I went to most of them. I got invited to one where I didn't really know the guy to well but my friend was going so I went . It was at their family hunting cabin and only about ten people showed up . I remember not really drinking much but got really fucked up. Next thing I know I'm laying face down on a bed . A guy sitting in front of me trying to get his cock in my mouth and another guy behind me pulling me up on to my knees. I was too messed up to fight them off the one guy got his cock in my ass and started fucking me while the other guy had my head in his hands and forced me to suck his cock. When the guy that was fucking me finished , The guy that had been making me suck him got up put me on my back and got between my legs and started fucking me. After he finished ,he crawled up onto me kissed my neck then whispered in my ear asking if I liked it ? telling me how good my ass was, then says your buddy sure seems to be enjoying it. For the first time I realized there was other people on a bed next to us and could see my friend getting the same treatment I had just gotten. A few minutes went by and the guy that was on me moved to the side and put his hand on my cock and started stroking it. He tells me he wants to get me off too and then moves down and starts sucking me. I remember looking over at my friend and locking eyes as the guy was fucking him and I was getting sucked off. I hate to admit that he made me cum but he did. We left as soon as we were sober enough to drive with both of us swearing to never tell anyone what happened.

  • That is hottt

  • So do I

  • According to half the guys on here, go to a gym and wait in the shower. The rest will fall into place by itself.

  • Does blackmail count? An VP in our company found out I was having an affair with a co worker. A NO NO and firing offense in our company. Plus I am married also. He called me into his office and confronted me. Next thing I know he offered to look the other way if I let him fuck me. Right there and then. I dropped my pants, bent over the desk and closed my eyes. He fucked me and sent me back to my desk with his cum leaking out of my ass. It happened several more times over a month until I guess he got tired of it.

  • I will admit this. I am a male and i was raped by two males. This happened 15 years ago. I was an "orally" bi male. I went to the apartment of a black guy who claimed to be a football player for our states main college team. When I arrived I believed him. He was roughly 6-4, 250#. When he took off his sweats he was huge. He sat on the couch and I undressed and got on my knees between his legs. I was enjoying myself sucking and stroking my cock. When he got hard he had to be 10 inches and really thick. His cell rang and he got up to answer it. He said it was his buddy next door and he would like a blow job also. I agreed and the guy cam over. He was also black but when he undressed he was maybe 7 inches. They suggested we go into the other room. There was a futon cushion on the floor in the corner with a bottle of lube on it. I told them I only do oral. They said OK and stood in the middle of the futon. I got on my knees and again began stroking and sucking them. Suddenly they grabbed me and pushed me down. They held me as I struggled and I felt the cold lube squirted in my butt crack. The bigger guy had my arm behind my back and laid on me to pin me down. The guy with the 7 inch cock started pushing into my ass. He wasn't gentle and it hurt. He fucked me hard for maybe 10 minutes when he held his cock inside me and I felt the warm cum in me. They wasted no time switching positions. I was in agony when the bigger guy started shoving his cock in me. I was crying and begging him to stop. It only made him fuck me harder. Finally he came inside me too.

  • I am a man and I was raped by several men. I do not really know how many. All I know is a was very sore after. I was curious about sex with another man so during an out of town trip I went to a dive gay bar in a not so good neighborhood. I was at the bar talking to a couple of guys and only had a couple of drinks when I started to feel really out of it. The 2 guys helped me into the bathroom. I felt like a rag doll, just limp. I remember the guys took my clothes off and I was face down on the cold floor. I could feel the weight of the guy on top of me and the pain as he pushed inside me. Everything was a blur after that. I remember bits and pieces as guys moved me around in different positions as they fucked me. I finally started to come out of it when I woke up naked and cold on the floor. I crawled out of the bathroom and the bartender was cleaning up. He helped me up and gave me a glass of water. He went in the bathroom, got my clothes and helped me dress. He informed me that probably a dozen men went into the bathroom to take a turn on me. He thought I was doing it for fun. I took a cab back to the hotel.

  • I wish I was you! I been dreaming of getting gangbang!

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