I am a fujoshi

Is it wrong for me to be more interested in the thought of two men being together than of one of those men being with me? I literally am ecstatic with joy every time I learn a guy is gay, because that would mean that he is possibly dating another guy. It has gotten so bad that I cant even read regular books (I am a bookworm) they have to have a gay couple in it and the gay couple has to be what the book is about. ( Let me tell you its not easy finding books like that in a library, thank god for the internet) My imagination just goes wild every time I see a cute boy, I mean how could a boy that cute last for so long without being snatched up by another man. I think just because of this I might be single for life, I have no interest in the thought of a man s******* me instead im all for that man s******* another man. wooooh rise all you gay men and make it so that being gay is the new normal, im rooting for you.

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  • I honestly love when a guy is shy, I get nervous and get goosebumps. Weird habit that I guess just turned into part of my schedule. ?? ?? ??

  • You are a warugaki.

  • Why do I have to be a warugaki? why can't I just be a normal girl who just happens to enjoy a fetish?

  • Yeah. You can be that and whatever else you want. Life's short. Live large.

  • Thank you. :)

  • Bye bye Meow. Hope the door hits you on the ass. We'll have a party to celebrate your ban.

  • Yo momma's so ugly, she gives Freddy Krueger nightmares.

  • The spammer is gone. He'll bother you no more. Good riddance to Meow. His expulsion was long overdue.

  • I hope you like dragons, because I'll be dragon my b**** across your face tonight.

  • You'd better direct that beauty somewhere else, you'll set the carpet on fire.

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