Coming to an awful conclusion

Has anyone here boy or girl man or woman ever have the sudden revelation that your relationship with your boy or girlfriend is about to come to a sudden halt?

I did. After my girlfriend of three years graduated high school she was about to enter college.She told me she wanted to date other boys and what could I say? I didn't own her. She was also hanging out with one of her girl friends who had a car and it suddenly dawned that our relationship was over forever.

She was going to be doing and seeing people and things in a way she never had before. More exiting and more interesting.

I knew the end was nigh and out of her life I went more or less voluntarily.

Feb 15

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  • Well, that's kind of the horror and beauty of life. Nothing can truly be held on to or preserved, all things change, especially the fickle whims of the human heart and mind. It seems you have a pretty healthy view of it overall, but, your life has changed because of it too, not just hers. There's an exciting adventure waiting for you today, too. Just live it, and relish life because your life will only be lived once.

  • I'm truly sorry to hear that. The promise of new and exciting is very attractive, but the problem is, when you try to find greener pastures, you will never be satisfied. Water your own grass and care for it. I'm learning this right now with my girlfriend. I'm her world and I'd be a fool to leave her to chase after someone I think is more attractive. Keep your head up, the first time isn't the charm!

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