When I was in college about 5 years ago I needed money and I was a bit wild and I made a professional p**** movie - all lesbian stuff no guys. It was a one-time thing.

Last week my dad hurt himself and was taken to the hospital. I was the closest one so I went to his house to look after his dog and get him some things. I found a DVD on his machine and it was the one I made 5 years ago! To make it worse, he had handwritten notes on the disc case with his favorite scenes - namely all the ones I was in! I had on think makeup and my hair was way different then (I used to dye it and wear it real long) so I don't know if he knew it was me or not.

I can barely look him straight in the face! When I dropped off his stuff at the hospital I was asked if I was having a panic attack I was so nervous!

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  • Actually he should be the one who's embarrassed. Its probably a guilty secret for him cos he doesn't know the girl is you but knows 'she' looks like you. Keep quite about it...the civilised world was built on denial and descretion, you Americans needed to recognise this.

  • Burn the dvd.

  • I have post it's on all my p***!!!

  • Yea. Just never admit it. Unless you have a tattoo or something that will truly prove it, keep quiet.

    who writes notes about favorite scenes? pervert.

  • I think you should just smile big next time you see him and let everything go unsaid.

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