Wifes chest is birthday present

My wife and I had close friends over and it was his birthday. We had dinner and cake for him. His wife whispered something to my wife and my wife kind of squealed and laughed and said are you kidding me? My wife pulled me into the bedroom and said she just told me that her husband had told her that he always wanted to play with my t******. Now we have a pool and have had them over for a swim and have all gone skinny dipping together so we have all seen each other naked before but never touched each other. My wife said his wife said if you really want to make his birthday you should let him play with your t******. I laughed and said if you want to let him play with them for his birthday you can. My wife said OMG I don’t know if I can do that. She said they are good friends but I think I would be so embarrassed to just let somebody other than my husband play with my t******. I suggested that she take her bra off and put her shirt back on and then go set on his lap facing him and unbutton your shirt and open it and say Happy Birthday! He may just look at them. My wife said and he might decide to play with them. She said are you ok with him playing with my chest? I said they are the best friends we have, if anyone is going to play with them they would be the only ones I would trust. She said that is true. She took off her bra and put her shirt back on. She said she was going to do it and hoped he just looked.

My wife and I came back into the living room. His wife looked at my wife and my wife nodded. My wife then sat straddling him facing him and started unbuttoning her shirt. She said I thought you might like a special birthday present. When she finished unbuttoning her shirt she said OMG I can’t believe I’m doing this and opened her shirt revealing her 36 D t*** to him. His wife started laughing and he said OMG what a birthday! He pushed her shirt off her shoulders and down her arms to take it completely off. My wife blushed saying you want it off completely? He said oh yes and took it completely off. Once he got it completely off I watched my ** wife on his lap as he just looked at her gorgeous t***. She put her hands on his shoulders and kinda shook them to bounce in front of him. His wife pulled out her phone and started taking pictures. My wife said OMG you are taking pictures of me **? She turned her head to look at me biting her lower lip. She turned back to him saying OH WOW as he had his hands on her t***. He said to her, you have pretty t****** I’ve always wanted to play with them. My wife looked at me and his wife with a red face and said OMG I can’t believe I’m getting my t*** played with and my husband is watching and my friend is taking pictures. She said this is embarrassing. His wife said don’t be embarrassed you have pretty t***** and they should be played with. Then my wife said oh my, oh oh. I didn’t understand my wife’s reaction I said are you ok? My wife looked at me and in a shy voice said he is playing with my **. Then she looked down saying oh my, OMG as she watched her ** being rolled and gently squeezed in his fingers. She oh ooohhhh my **. He was doing a number on her ** and she constantly blushed at his hands on her ** and **. His wife said turn around. He turned my wife around with her back facing him and then pulled her to his chest with his arms around her fondling her ** and **. Now she was facing me and his wife and still blushing and still biting her lower lip watching us watch her give him his birthday present. His wife continued to take pictures with her phone and started telling him to play with her ** so she could get pictures. My wife said oh please you’re taking so many pictures. Then said oh my as his wife said yes thats it and my wife said oooohhhhh he’s got both ** and playfully pulled on them as his wife took pictures. Finally his wife said ok thanks for making his birthday and he quit playing with her. My wife stood up and started to put her shirt on and his wife said wait a minute can you take a picture of the three of us? I took her phone and my wife stood between them still ** as I took the picture. As they were getting ready to leave and my wife had her shirt on but not buttoned he reached inside her shirt and gave her t*** another squeeze as she said hey wait a minute. They left and I told them to send me the pictures she took.

The pictures arrived on my phone about a half hour later and my wife and I looked at them. My wife still blushes when we look at them. She said she was so embarrassed but had fun doing it. I told her she looked hot in all her shyness as she let our best male friend have her t*** for his birthday.

Feb 26

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  • I agreed to show my boss my ** after I had implants.
    I'm 4' 11" wear girls size 12 jeans and capri and a 32A all my life because my parents were druggies and never bought us food. Me and my siblings got put into foster care when I was 15 but the doctors told I missed my last growth spurt and that's the way it is. I was also told child birth could be risky too. Thanks mom and dad!
    I was lucky to get married to an amazing man that allowed me to move my siblings in with us. I got a job at an ATV dealership that had dental insurance so I got braces. Once they got removed, my husband and I had saved up for me to get breast implants. I've always wanted to be able to wear a bra. lol
    Originally, I wanted B's but the doctor told me I'd look good and for the same $ I should go with D's. He showed us some computer images and I agreed.
    My boss gave me the time off for the surgery and time to recover.
    We'd closed for the day and it was just me and my boss. I was wearing a loose shirt and my boss asked if he could see my 'new **'. I pulled up my shirt and bra for him. He said he'd never felt fake '**' before so I told him to give them a squeeze.

  • Now we all need to see.....

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