I touched my wifes mom

My wife's mom stayed with us recently for the weekend, She is not a big drinker but Saturday night her and my wife got a bit carried away and polished off 3 1/2 bottles of wine, By 1:00 am or so they were both pretty wasted and I watched my mother in law stumble off to the spare room to pass out, My wife stumbled off the other way to our room and I followed her shortly after, I got changed and came out of the bathroom, My wife was asleep face down on the bed and snoring, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and noticed the lamp was on in the spare room where my mother in law was sleeping, I walked up to the door to check on her and she was passed out on the bed, Laying flat on her back in just her loose fitting tank top and panties with her feet still on the floor.
My mother in law is a very nice looking woman in her late 40's who has never been married and hasn't even dated in almost 25 years, I would be lying if I said I hadn't taken a peek down her top while bent over or watched her ass as she walked away a time or two, She is a yoga instructor in her spare time and keeps herself in great shape.
I looked at her from the doorway, She had her left arm above her head and her right arm across her flat stomach, She has small t*** and her little nipples were rock hard standing straight up poking through her shirt, Her nice soft legs led up to her blue, bikini panties and she looked amazing laying there, I walked up beside the bed and stood there staring at her as she slept with her small t*** rising and falling with each breath.
I reached down and ran my fingers across her left nipple, It was rock hard, Harder than I have ever seen my wife's nipples, I gently pinched it through her shirt, she didn't move and I placed my hands on her sides, I slid them up pulling her top up as I went, I pulled her top up and exposed her little t***, She has small, dark areolae about the size of a quarter topped with nipples the size of pencil erasers when hard, I knelt beside the bed and spent about five minutes just massaging her t*** and gently squeezing her nipples, I leaned over her and started sucking her nipples alternating back and forth and watched as her chest rose and fell faster as her breathing got heavier.
I spread her feet apart a bit and knelt between them with her knees resting against my sides, I leaned in and kissed her flat, Firm stomach and worked my hands down, I pulled her panties to the side and exposed her perfect, pink, beautiful p****, Its not shaved but is nicely trimmed with perfect, pink, pouty p**** lips and no "b***** tongue".
I laid beside her propped up on one elbow sucking her nipples and softly running my fingers across her soft p**** lips, I pulled out my c*** and started stroking it while sucking and pinching her nipples, I straddled her stomach and blew the biggest load ever on her stomach, t***, and her neck, I shuffled up and pressed the tip of my p**** to her lips and rubbed it back and forth wiping c** on her lips, She opened her mouth and licked her lips and my k*** at the same time, I pressed it to her lips and she wrapped her lips around it licking the underside as I slowly pulled it out of her mouth, I paused with just the tip in her mouth and managed to squeezed out the last bit of c** I could muster, I pulled back and watched her lick her lips and swallow then smile and moan, I wiped her off with a towel off the dresser and left her with her top up and her panties pulled to the side then left the room.
The next day she got up, had coffee and while her and my wife talked my wife asked her how she slept, She said "I had the best sleep I have had in years"

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  • I'm sorry but this story just screams Bullshit. Anyone who believes this story is just f****** retarded.

  • Not sure its bullshit, I once got up in the middle of the night and my mother in law was sleeping in our spare room, She takes sleeping pills to deal with her insomnia due to anxiety but I unbuttoned her pyjama top and sucked on her nipples while using her hand to j*** me off and came on her b****.

  • And you just thought what? That this woman who has insomnia and can't sleep would be passed out enough that you could rape her? I mean those sleeping pills must knock her the f*** out, to the point that she's f****** dead. Either way, drugs to knock your ass out and a little wine are two totally different ball games. I think you're both full of s***.

  • 3 1/2 bottles of wine and they were both pass out drunk? I think not. You may want to up that bottle count the next time you tell the story.

  • My wife can drink 3 1/2 bottles of wine by herself and just start a buzz.

  • Dude your a scumbag s** with a passed out person is rape.

  • Calm down cupcake, you know this story is Bullshit.

  • I second that. He's full of s***.

  • My mother-in-law often gives me a b******, and even I f*** her when I visit her. he's 69 now and needs all the s** that she can get,

  • You had the chance. You should have slid your big c*** into her p**** and stroked her and stroked her.

  • Yes most def you prob won't get the opportunity again to get anywhere near it, chance missed there mate

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