Extreme obesity left an impression

In the 1990s I moved to an apartment where I soon discovered there lived below me a very fat woman and her feeder boyfriend, who had enabled her to such a weight that she couldn't leave her bed, and was assumed to weighed over a thousand pounds. They were always bringing in more groceries and food. When I left a few years later she had further ballooned to we estimated thirteen hundred pounds, and needed constant care and oxygen. Her love of her own immense size, and her dedication to food and gaining became incredibly ** to me and I could see why her partner was so dedicated to her. I'm not brave enough to be a feeder myself but from that time I find I will forever revel vicariously in that memory. I never found out what happened to her but I've never seen another person so immense and I found her to be incredibly attractive despite all the problems of this size.

Feb 27

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  • My wife is over 800lbs. She is my feedee and we have been together for over 10 years now. Taking care of a woman that size is a full time job. It's not for the faint of heart and you must completely dedicate yourself to a woman that big if you intend to keep her happy, comfortable and safe. We have two beautiful children together and our life is wonderful. We wouldn't change a thing. My wife's goal weight is at least 1000lbs and God willing she will hit that goal in about 2 years time.

  • Are you crazy or just a freak?

  • Renee Scarfa was an estimated 1800 lbs when she passed away in 2008. I was Renee's co-worker, friend, and caregiver for 28 years up until her untimely death at age 49. In her youth, Renee was one of the last carnival fat ladies to perform live and in-person. For several seasons in the late 1970s and early 1980s she toured with American Entertainment Shows and traveled up and down the East Coast of the US. She was considerably smaller than her later reported 1800 pound bulk, weighing in at anywhere from 1000 to 1200lbs appox. In that time Renee had a lot of male admirers but only one that she truely loved and they loved each other fiercely. Her boyfriend took unbelievable care of her. He saw to her every physical, emotional and sexual need and he fed her as much food as she wanted which was an incredible amount. The devotion he had for her was a thing of awesome beauty and inspiration. I was privileged enough to witness their relationship and be a part of their incredible journey together. Unfortunately they parted ways when Renee decided that Carnival life was no longer for her and she needed to lose a serious amount of weight. She felt that her feeder boyfriend was holding her back from attaining a normal life and she decided to end the relationship. It was a very contentious break up and later on Renee severely regretted her decision and want the love of her life back. But pride and broken hearts are a tough thing to over come and a reunion of these to kindred souls was never to be. Renee died alone after never having regained her lost love and I still feel for her heartbreak. Fortunately she left a daughter for me to watch over who in many ways is a carbon copy of her beautiful mother.

  • She must have looked like Jabba the Hut. Whoever her boyfriend was he must have been the most hard up dude on the planet.

  • Actually he wasn't anywhere near what you think he was. He could of had any girl but instead chose to be with his supersized beauty of a love because he was devoted to her and he was her soulmate. BTW, she was beautiful despite what haters like you think.

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