Opening up to my lesbian side, I got my first girlfriend at work

We were all first year employees and that night we decided to have a happy hour. One of the guys suggested we go to this trip joint. Not the thing girls did, but it sounded naughty and we agreed to go. Three males and two females. Of course they promised to protect us.

We sat in this horseshoe couch with a small table in the middle and the girls, bless those **, came to serve. A guy would take a ten and slip it in their gstring and they would give him a table dance. It turned me on, something I had never really felt before. As the night went on I was more and more into identifying the girls by the types of ** they had until I got up enough nerve to offer a twenty to this girl and she gave me a very slow table dance, laying her ** on my face, then climbing onto the couch and putting her ** in my face.

The guys were whistling and clapping, the other girl grabbing my hand. I didn't quite come but came very close. When she left she leaned over and kissed me on the lips and took my hand up between her legs.

I got kidded about that night a lot at work. I tried to put it off as a one time thing and too much alcohol. But at night I could feel her ** on my face and her kiss on my lips and my hand between her legs. It's all I thought about. I had a crush on her. It got so bad that I went back to the club with my work friend, the other girl that was there that night. We asked for her by name, Candy of course, and she came to the table and said 'you again'. This time no guys around. This time she grabbed my head and held it against her **, this time while she was rubbing my face with her ** her hand was between my legs. This time she told me that if was into her I could call her she would show me with nothing on.

I called her, and we met in broad daylight at this bistro before she went to work. She wasn't as young as you would think, mid thirties and she dressed a bit provocatively and she asked me what it was worth to me to have her over at my place for a one on one, not holes barred, ** girl experience. She asked for a lot of money. 300 cash. She could come over Sunday morning.

I couldn't do it, I had to go to church and I had to face the fact that she was a **, that's all. She didn't have any interest in me. I was let down and suffered through my first crush falling apart. But I dreamt of her, having my face in her **, her hand between my legs. It was my friend from work who broke the ice. What if I kissed her instead, her ** were way too small and she had a jungle down there, but when she held my face to her it was all the same, smelling in for the first time a live girl's ** before letting my tongue taste her as well.

She agreed to clean up down there, and I agreed to kiss her and we became more than work friends after that. My ** were the ones that hung over her face, and it was her fingers that she poked me with, it was her hot lips that I kissed and it was her sweet ** that I ate. Whatever repressed feelings I had came out. And she was open to anything. She had been looking for a girlfriend herself.

Mar 7

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