Physical therapy wrestling

I was having physical therapy for a leg injury. One week I could only get a late session so I took it. Only a woman therapist was there and myself. I did all the exercises with only one to go. The last ones are on a very large mat. She told to go over to some medical term for the mats. I said you mean the wrestling mats and she said yes. I person all the exercises and I and done for the night. She came came over and said you’re all done unless you want to wrestle. Before I know it she is on the mats and we are wrestling. We had a lot of fun and all my physical therapy from then out was with her s as nd the last session of the day. Anybody ever wrestle with their therapist?

Mar 15

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  • My next visit to physical therapist once again was the last appointment of the day with the same therapist. She is single and 35 years old and I am also single and 37 years old. I do my routine and we go over my progress. She is wearing her tight jeans and a tank top with no bra tonight. We just look at each other and head for the mats. We are now already wrestling extremely rough with each other. We have been rolling around and tossing each other around trying to pin the other. She been on top of me as nv I have buck her off and mounted her and she has fought me off. This top and bottom just keep going. I figured out a way to get her in a full body cradle for the first pin of the night. She traps me in a school girl pin and I tap out. We are grappling and grabbing and groping with each other and I get a leg cradle on her for a pin. We are now both extremely ** and have wet ourselves but never stopped wrestling. I get her in a full body pin and I have another pin. We are now in close contact with our crotches touching the other person ** trying to wrestle the other into a pinning position. We have both let out moans of desire and the wrestling just get rougher. She now has me in a grapevine position which I can not free myself from, she is grinding away on me as she gets the pin. We have ** once again while wrestling. Now we are going full blast all out wrestling with each other. This is by far the best and most extreme wrestling we have done. We are in s ** to ** hold applying extreme pressure on the others ** looking for the winning pin. We are both extremely spend and exhausted and we quit wrestling and just grind harder on each other until we are completely exhausted but sexual satisfied and fulfilled. We have decided we want to see each other and start dating. We will see where this leads us.

  • And what about the naked all female pirate crew that wrestled with you on that desert island??

  • I heard you wrestled them and they all pinned your sorry **. And with that you did not get aroused.

  • Wrestle wrestle wrestle

    What happened to your wrestling fantasies with mature women, your sister, your neighbor, and the pastor’s daughter?

    Shut up and go away with your ** wrestling fantasies you closet **.

  • You are so messed up
    It’s a wonder you can get out of bed a do things

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