His girlfriend didn't believe me she was stupid

When I was much younger this guy who was the older brother of my roommate sometimes brought his girlfriend over for **. He was maried and she knew it. Stupid girl. His wife lived a few states over and asked him to come back to her. After a session of ** with his girlfirend he left without telling her what he was going to do. I told her what happened and she didn't believe me. Eventually his younger brother convinced her.

Later on this selfish ** came back and wanted to restablish relations with her and at first she refused but later on took him back. A few months later my lease was up and I left the apartment.

I later found out that he went back to his wife yet again and lf course left her again. I wanted no part of either one of them. He was a low down low life scumbag and his girlfriend had to be the stupidiest woman I ever had the displeasure to know.

I'm not sure why women liked him so much although he was a typical bad boy. He looked like a scarecrow and his teeth were rotting out of his skull.

His eyes were eternally bloodshot due toa drug habit using PCP.

Ok girls I know your out there. Why do jerks like this horrible person get the girls and the **? Do you really want to marry a guy like this? Apparently a lot of you do. You are gluttons for punishment.

He died some years ago. Here I am above ground and there he is six feet under. Not sure how to say this except to just come out and say it.

Better him than me.

Mar 19

Next Confession

I masturbated

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